Required student skill level: Completion of the Fortress Level I Handgun Course, or equivalent pistol course.

Equipment required: Functional handgun as well as a secondary/back-up gun, .380 caliber or larger. At least 3 magazines or speedloaders per gun. Proper holsters and magazine or speedloader carriers. Flashlight. Quality lock-blade folding knife.

Ammunition requirements: 1200-rounds, factory ammunition for primary gun. 200-rounds for secondary gun.

Duration: Two full days


Teaching points include:

  1. Gun handling and range safety
  2. Equipment selection and carry (secondary guns)
  3. One handed shooting
  4. One handed reloading
  5. One handed stoppage reductions
  6. Support hand draw
  7. Shooting from the ground
  8. Engaging multiple attackers
  9. Contact shots
  10. Transition to secondary gun
  11. Transition to blade


We will travel to you and train your group on your personal range, or at a range in your locality which meets our requirements.

If range facilities allow, a night shoot will be scheduled, as well.

Contact us for scheduling and pricing.

Firearms and equipment can be provided for rent with advance notice.

Defensive Pistol Level II

Defensive Pistol Level II is the next step in learning the Art of the Combat Pistol. We take the already accomplished gunman and add a series of techniques which, due to time constraints, could not be addresses in our Level I course. Level II provides the student with an additional set of indispensable fighting skills!

We strive to keep the staff-to-student ratio low and provide a Fortress instructor for every 2-3 students. If requested, a female instructor will be available to assist any female students.

Laws regarding handgun ownership and carry rights vary greatly from state-to-state and each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. Fortress recommends that you consult with your own state's Attorney General's office before purchasing any firearm, or before you attempt to carry a handgun. Many find to be a good resource, as well. Please remember that laws and statutes regarding firearms change almost daily throughout the United States; it's up to you to know the law!
See the full list of requirements
Fortress recommends the use of American made factory ammunition only! Foreign ammunition is often times dirty, smokey and lacking in quality control. Use of it can not only lead to stoppages but it absorbs valuable training time trying to repair dirty, non-functioning guns. We also do not allow the use of reloaded ammunition during our courses.