Rifles For The Children

Fortress just finished up a private Level I Rifle Course in the western part of the US. Weather was intense with cold and sideways sheets of rain, but our students came to work and much was accomplished!

Per our policy, we run a hot range. Everyone present, both students and Instructors, are required to continuously carry […]

PTSD and the Armed Citizen by Matt Ellison


I recently attended a one-day law enforcement seminar presented by The Department of Homeland Security. Topics ran from potential terrorist attacks to school security – however, I found the most personally relevant and informative subject to be the discussion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

I must admit that I’ve been ignorant of PTSD as a […]

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What’s The Right Question?


I recently fielded this phone call.


Me – Fortress Defense.
Them – Yeah, is this Fortress Defense?
Me – Yes.
Them – You’re the shooting teachers?
Me – We teach defensive firearm usage, yes. What can I help you with?
Them – How much does it cost?
Me – How much does what, specifically, […]

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The Camera As A Witness?

“We each only get a piece of the elephant” – Massad Ayoob

Ask anyone who works in the judicial system and they’ll tell you that witness testimony is completely unreliable. People rarely see what they think they see and are prone to filling in the gaps where memory fails – the […]

Support-side? Do it now!

In the above photo, a Fortress student stops by our recent open house to show the Staff Instructors his gratitude for prepping him for emergency support-side carry. He made the transition instantly after surgery, and goes about his day as armed and dangerous as he was before!

“Take it from an old partisan, learn to shoot […]

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Flashlights To Full Potential – By Matt Ellison


“I’m not a violent criminal, but I do play one in Force-On-Force scenarios.”  – Matt Ellison

I recently assisted instructing a Fortress Defense Force-On-Force training class, and portrayed a violent criminal numerous times throughout the day. One interesting thing about scenario-based training is what you can learn on both sides of the drills. Having access to a windowless building, we took advantage […]

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The DBT and Its Role in Protection – By Rick Colliver

Fortress Affiliate Instructor and Protection Specialist Rick Colliver recently penned an article for The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security.

Great job, Rick!

The DBT and Its Role in Protection

“In my capacity as both a “consumer” of protection services and as a member of several associations seeking to standardize and professionalize the protection industry, I spend […]

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Rifle Lessons, Equipment Failures

Our experience was less than gratifying as one immediately quit working during the first 15-minutes of zeroing. It was replaced with a spare and no other problems were witnessed, but if we average it out, 25% of the ones we’ve now seen have broken. Obviously it’s hardly a scientific study of the optic, but for […]

Ask Fortress: Drop Safe?


Q: Frank, could you address the idea that guns just go off? On the news they say, ‘the gun accidentally went off.’ I would love to post something from an expert debunking this scary thought!

A: First, I hardly would refer to myself as an “expert.” Dan Shea over at Small Arms Review pointed out decades […]

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Combat Application Tourniquet [C.A.T.] – Product Review

Fortress Product Review:   Combat Application Tourniquet

Originally published January 2012

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and it’s expected that the reader will seek out further information from certified medical personnel before considering any of the following . Frank is not a physician…in fact, he’s pretty sure his CPR card has expired.

Over the past 10-years […]

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