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PTSD and the Armed Citizen by Matt Ellison


I recently attended a one-day law enforcement seminar presented by The Department of Homeland Security. Topics ran from potential terrorist attacks to school security – however, I found the most personally relevant and informative subject to be the discussion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

I must admit that I’ve been ignorant of PTSD as a […]

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What’s The Right Question?


I recently fielded this phone call.


Me – Fortress Defense.
Them – Yeah, is this Fortress Defense?
Me – Yes.
Them – You’re the shooting teachers?
Me – We teach defensive firearm usage, yes. What can I help you with?
Them – How much does it cost?
Me – How much does what, specifically, […]

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The Camera As A Witness?

“We each only get a piece of the elephant” – Massad Ayoob

Ask anyone who works in the judicial system and they’ll tell you that witness testimony is completely unreliable. People rarely see what they think they see and are prone to filling in the gaps where memory fails – the […]

The Conspiracy Behind Government Ammunition Purchases (re-post)


(Originally appeared Feb 13, 2014 on . Interesting how time has proven this to be true. Read the comments after the article on Monderno for a more detailed numbers break down.)

Like anyone, I love a good conspiracy, especially when it suggests something along the lines of dark government forces working at some level to […]