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Woman Kidnapped at ATM

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wVyL8SPUwk   Fortress Instructor Chuck Skaggs brings this to out attention - we're glad she escaped, but it could have ended much worse. Read full article here Staff Instructor Rick Colliver comments: 1) Pull up close enough to the ATM that a human can't squeeze between the machine and your window. 2) If [...]

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Leah Mattix at Shot 2015

Shot Show 2015 Frank with Leah Mattix (center) of the Unicorn Leah Youtube channel. Leah is an old friend who once was our supplier of airsoft gear for force-on-force training. She's moved from that job to hosting her Youtube channel and traveling the country promoting the airsoft sport. Along the way she decided to [...]

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