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Date & Time
Date(s) - 07/22/2017 - 07/23/2017
All Day

Sand Burr Gun Ranch

Armed Response for Terrorist Attack/Active Murderer

The new curriculum for 2017 is handgun AND rifle based, as well as incorporates medical procedures and night shooting.

There are prerequisites to attend:

You must be a graduate of both a Fortress (or DTI) rifle and pistol class. There will be NO exceptions. This is a fast moving class that requires students skills being up to par. There are multiple rifle and handgun classes on the schedule earlier in the year – get them checked off if you’d like to join us here.

400-rounds rifle, 400-rounds pistol.

Cost $375

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What you will need:

– Modern, reliable, functioning handgun, with a proper holster (Holster must be specifically for your make and model. Nylon/one-size-fits-all holsters are not allowed. Holster must be worn on your belt, either inside or outside the waistband. Shoulder, ankle, cross draw, and small of back holsters are NOT allowed in this class. Neither is “off body” carry.)
– Long pants with proper belt loops (Jeans or “tactical”-style pants like 5.11 brand)
– A proper belt which can hold up the weight of your holstered pistol.
– At least one carrier for your spare magazine or speedloader.
– At least on spare magazine (for auto-loading pistols), or one spare speed loader (for revolvers.) Multiple spares are highly recommended (3, or more.)
– Hand held flashlight.
– Eye protection with side protection.
– Hearing protection (full coverage or foam ear plugs – bring both if you have it)
– A hat with a brim ( like a baseball cap)
– Sturdy footwear. (gym shoes are fine. Hiking-style boots are recommended.) NO open-toe footwear!
– A cover garment, like a vest, jacket, suit coat, or button-up shirt. We draw from concealment in this class.
– A folding knife
– Modern, auto-loading battle rifle. e.g. AR15, AK47, .30-Carbine, FAL, SCAR, Mini-14, M1A, etc…
– At least 4 spare magazines for your rifle.
– Your rifle MUST have a sling. Single point, or two point, are recommended.
– Your rifle MUST have iron sights. “Red Dot” or holographic sights are fine, but back-up iron sights are mandatory.  Optics with magnification are NOT recommended. Mounted flashlights on rifles are highly recommended – 300 lumens minimum.
– Sight adjusting tool.
– Your transport case for your long gun – preferably the stealth case you keep it in in your vehicle.
– Note taking materials.
– A folding/lawn chair.
– Your lunch, snacks and beverages. We will not be leaving the range for lunch. We will take an off-site dinner break on Saturday night.
– Anything else you need to survive the day.

Hotel Information:
Super 8
209 E. McDonalds Rd.
Rochester, Indiana 46975

Quality Inn
289 McDonalds Rd.
Rochester, Indiana 46975

Ask for the “DTI” rate when making reservations.