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IBD Usage – by Fortress Instructor Veronica “V” Newberg

“When you least expect it, you’re elected” – John Farnam

Last week, Fortress Staff Instructor Veronica “V” Newberg found herself called upon to treat a family member’s bleeding leg.

Her report:

When I woke up Saturday morning I had no idea that I would be wearing a “First Responder” hat before day’s end! It was a typical busy […]

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Rapid Mass Murderer – Texas

“It’s said that security is like oxygen; when you have enough of it, you pay no attention to it. But when you don’t have enough, you can think of nothing else.” – SECDEF, James Mattis, paraphrasing Professor Joseph Nye

Today in Texas, a 17-year-old male student at Santa Fe High School opened fire on his classmates […]

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