“When you least expect it, you’re elected” – John Farnam


Last week, Fortress Staff Instructor Veronica “V” Newberg found herself called upon to treat a family member’s bleeding leg.

Her report:

When I woke up Saturday morning I had no idea that I would be wearing a “First Responder” hat before day’s end! It was a typical busy Saturday with a family birthday party on the agenda. I left the house, like I do every day, with all of my “Gear” in tow. OC, blade, light, and pistol, as well as copies of our standard wound treatment kit.

Shortly after arriving to the celebration, a relative came from the back of the house and informed me that a family member was bleeding. I made my way to the scene and found my niece holding pressure with a rag to my uncle’s lower leg. Being familiar with his medical history I knew that he was on blood thinners, the large pool of blood at his feet confirming the severity of the situation.

Direct pressure seemed to get the bleeding under control, but my young niece on the ground administering it was not ideal. I reached into to my purse and retrieved my IBD

[Israeli Battle Dressing], exactly what we needed! I assessed the wound before application noting a superficial rip of his skin about 3 inches in diameter, but, given his meds, that’s all that was needed to cause the heavy bleeding!


                                 Israeli Battle Dressings [IBDs]

When EMS arrived I reported the extent of his injury, and, since the IBD was doing the trick, it was determined that a family member could transport him to the ER for stitches.

After their visit to the hospital I received a wonderful call from my uncle thanking me for helping out, and he mentioned that the medical staff was impressed with the bandage.

I have carried that IBD around for 6+ years now, always in my purse, always in my way, sometimes to a level of annoyance. But, from here on out, I will look at that IBD in my purse a totally different way!



As is our way, Fortress Instructors live the life we recommend to our students. Yes, carrying guns and flashlights and OC and medical kits is a royal pain! It is never physically comfortable, but it is always mentally comforting. We know that in this unpredictable world carrying the tools needed to start bleeding and stop bleeding provide us with a peace of mind that far outweighs any criticisms the fashion police have with our loose fitting clothing, or any empty promises of “safety” politicians surrounded by armed guards attempt to hypnotize us with.

ALL of us can learn to stop bleeding, and ALL of us need to!

Wound treatment kits for every vehicle – multiple copies at home and work – individual kit on your person!

Our next Emergency Wound Treatment class is June 24th, at Sand Burr Gun Ranch in Rochester, IN.
Details here


“Do not assist in your own demise” – John Farnam