Today marks the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America. My father’s generation can all tell you the exact place they were the day President Kennedy was assassinated, and those of my generation can tell you exactly where they were on 9/11. When they say “never forget”, I wonder how I could.

But, where we were on the day really doesn’t matter. What matters is where we are today – what have we learned, what are we doing about it, how are we going forward?

The threat to the Western world is as real today as it was in 2001 – if not more so. The news today is filled with images of Syrian “refugees” streaming through Greece into Europe, the excuse for their flight being the IS takeover of most of Syria. However, I’m left with questions:

a) Saudi Arabia is closer than Germany, and all they’ve done is offered to build Mosques in Germany for the new arrivals. (…by-the-way, 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers held Saudi citizenship.)

b) The male adult “refugees” far outnumber the females and children. This leaves one wondering if the males are a Trojan Horse of sorts, or if they just left their women and kids behind to do their fighting for them?

Two days ago the President announced the US would be accepting 10,000 Syrians in – this while pushing to give $40-billion to $150-billion in frozen assets back to Iran in this ridiculous one-way nuclear treaty he, and his minions, have been shoving down our throats.

Some suggest this administration is more than just “easy on terror”; that their actions are calculated and meant to destroy the nation. Perhaps, but I wasn’t present during those meetings. All I can say is that at the very least it’s a posturing incompetence of epic proportions perpetrated by fools.

What is also clear is that Israel won’t be accepting refugees, nor will they be sending money to Iran. They know a thing or two about self-preservation, and we’d be wise to follow suit.

Perhaps it will dawn on everyone that this is a war on the West. …and hopefully before it’s not too late. It’s a war that has been going on for 1000’s of years – From the Crusades to the Barbary Pirates, to 9/11. In our lifetime France and England have been infiltrated to the point of no return. They’re done. Germany’s head is on the block, next. (It is my most sincere hope that the Swiss are stockpiling ammunition!)

Those who know me can attest that I am as Libertarian as they come. I really could care less what anyone does as long as they don’t get any on me, or deprive another person of life, limb, liberty, or property. However, I also understand that Libertarianism only works between Libertarians.

You cannot live as a nation, a culture, or as a person with those who do not share your same respect for liberty – When another race, religion, or political movement wants to murder you, an “open border policy” amounts to nothing more than your own signature on a death warrant.

Europe is committing suicide, and we watch while paying for the construction our own guillotine.

Yes, we should remember 9/11 and the lives that were lost, but, as they say, life is for the living. Today I’m more concerned with those of us still alive.