Parents wonder why the streams are bitter when they themselves have poisoned the fountain. – John Locke

Last Sunday an assailant armed with a hammer entered the Seafood Buffet restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, and began attacking the staff. The owner Petaling Jaya and employee Ng Tan Kheong were both murdered, a third employee is in critical condition. New York City, of course, being home of the Sullivan Act, among other draconian “gun control” schemes. Laws intended from day one to create a helpless citizenry. The tyrants who wrote them knowing criminals would never comply. The ultimate insult to injury being the Sullivan Act was racially motivated and this attack has been categorized by NYPD as a “hate crime!” Oh, the irony.

It’s not known if the restaurateur or any of his staff were the slightest bit interested in gun ownership for personal defense. What we do know is that if they were, New York City would have made it all but impossible for firearms to legally be part of their plan.

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In Contrast:

On the 17th of this month, an irate customer at a Huntsville, Alabama IHOP, pulled a pistol and shot 56-year-old employee Roy Brown, Sr., mortally wounding him. Brown’s son, also there working, drew his gun and immediately shot the attacker dead, sparing all other innocent lives present.

Even as his father drew his dying breath before his eyes, our hero did not hesitate – Instantly returning fire and neutralizing the threat. We’ll never know how many lives he saved.

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Our world is full of violence, and it always will be.

It’s exclusive to this historical anomaly known as Western Civilization that the idea of going about life unarmed, unaware, and unmolested has ever been entertained – and just like all entertainment, is suspension of reality.

Only naïve American youth with a Starbucks in one hand and an IPhone in the other could be so carelessly self-destructive. It’s solely in a society where the majority of adults have never known a hungry day in their air-conditioned lives that the responsibility of one’s personal security could be reduced to less than an afterthought. Where the same dishrags place their physical safety in the hands of nameless, faceless proxies, then proceed to view those “protectors” with disdain when they perform the exact job they were hired to do!

For those of us who understand the fragile, temporary nature of “peace”, we accept full responsibility for our lives. We regularly train with, and carry, small arms – and we make no apology for it!

In the 200,000 year-old game of Rock/Victim/Life, rock always beats skull.

History never really says goodbye. History says, “See you later.” – Eduardo Galeano