“The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

Clean up has now begun in Houston from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, as well as in the entire state of Florida due to Hurricane Irma. All things considered, the loss of human life was relatively low. Property damage, however, is of biblical proportions. For the millions effected, it’s going to take a long time for life to get back to normal.

Our friends in the US Virgin Islands are estimating a 3 to 6-month wait for restored electricity to all residents, as EVERY above-ground power line is down. On St. John, vegetation has been razed, much of the surface reminiscent of a Pacific Island mid-battle during WWII.

Over the last few years there has been a distinct and vicious campaign from both the left and most media sources

[is that redundant?] to paint the United States as a bastion of hate and racism. We’re led to believe there’s a Klan member behind every corner, and “literally, Hitler” is sitting in the White House.

It’s a false narrative, obviously, but when the mob becomes hysterical there is no talking it down. Like a toddler, it just needs to cry itself to sleep. At least one hopes that’s what happens – sometimes toddlers destroy the living room…or shoot a Congressman.

However, one thing Houston has displayed is the complete lack of racism in its residents and police. Everyone has come together to help who they can where they can. Even Texas’ neighbors to the East arrived in droves towing boats (some sporting Confederate flags) to rescue any and all who required it, and they did so at their own expense.

Of course, even when one city in Texas is underwater it doesn’t stop San Antonio from tearing down another statue – everyone has their priorities, I suppose…

But, one thing is clear to me, the professional “victim-hood” of leftists goes from sad to pathetic when contrasted with actual victims. Go ahead and tell the person sitting on their roof, having lost all their worldly possessions, how they can’t get in your boat because they said “thank you, sir”, making them guilty of gender assumption! ANTIFA problems are no longer first-world problems, they are simply not problems at all. …and they never were.

It’s a fairy tale they rock themselves to sleep with every night, on their full stomachs, in mom’s climate controlled basement. Doing so while 10’s of 1000’s of basements, and first stories, flood in multiple locations in the nation. Their pathetic detachment from reality leaves them without standing!

The absurdity of what appears to be the driving, and sometimes violent, force of the outraged far-left (now marching in the streets over DACA) has reached proportions that can no longer be gauged. They’ve passed the point of simple absurdity (e.g. American borders don’t count because slavery!) to a post-modern, Dali-esque absurdity akin to Shemp drilling another hole in the boat to let the water out, only while floating on a sea of lava!

Hopefully, history will not be kind to this level of stupid. And hopefully history will remember the heroes: The Cajun Navy rescuing homeless Texans, and our friends in the territories extending their lives and meager supplies to their neighbors. People who know how to work doing exactly that. People who’s “charity” means chainsaws clearing streets, feeding others from their own stores, taking in the elderly, and personally comforting those who lost everything. People who are not sitting and feeling sorry for themselves. People who began working before the storm, continued during it, and haven’t stopped since. …with ANTIFA nowhere to be seen.


After Katrina, government, in all it’s failures, proposed regulating the people who actually got the job done.

And unlike the elites, the real heroes don’t spend $5000 a-plate to attend some all-star gala to virtue signal how much they “care” about the “poor victims of the tragedy.” They don’t count on government to do it for them, nor do they wait for George Clooney, or Madonna, or Ashley Judd’s direction. People of action don’t require orders from headquarters. No, they “ride towards the sound of the guns.”

The left lost gun owners decades ago; now they’ve lost the working class. And that’s just fine. We don’t need them. They’ll only slow us down.

America isn’t dead, not even close. When a 9-11, or Irma, or Pearl Harbor occurs, it reminds us of what we’re made of. It reminds us of why this nation is the greatest nation on Earth. And I offer no apologies for saying it.

America rocks! End of story.

…and that whining you hear, it’s the brats continuing to throw a fit in the den. But, don’t worry – the adults just got home from work, and they’re in no mood.


“Everyone wants to save the Earth, but no one wants to help mom do the dishes.” – P. J. O’Rourke