Hope is the denial of reality – Margret Weis

I pointed out last month that the leftists will be going for broke now that they have stolen control of Congress and the White House.

This past week the House passed two gun control bills – The “Bipartisan” Background Checks Act of 2021, which requires a background check for all private sales with the exception of a “gift from a relative”, and a bill which extends the NICS time period from 3 days to 10.

They still have to pass the Senate so they’re not law yet, but don’t be surprised when they, or something like them, is. If you’d like a preview of their wish list check out HB 127 and Biden’s proposal which would require a $200 NFA Tax Stamp for each “high capacity” magazine.

If Biden gets his way, maintaining possession of these magazines would require a Federal NFA tax payment of $200 EACH.

Gun control has become politically and socially unpopular topic over the past two years. COVID “lockdowns”, ANTIFA and BLM violence, the “defund the police” movement, and massive spikes in crime due to the police themselves standing down less they be the next in line for public crucifixion, have sparked the public to buy every gun, magazine, and round of ammunition produced. Background checks continue to set records, and there’s no sign of slowing demand!

One would think politicians would take note and realize their support of such regulations risk loss of elections. Unless, of course, they no longer care what their constituents think since reelection is now based on payoffs to those who control the vote counting.

I wish I could tell you that this is just another round of panic buying and we’ll be seeing $200 a case 9mm again by fall – but I can’t see that happening without some major event occurring which renders this administration and Congress impotent. Thus, I’m only able to assess the reality of our situation for what it is at face value – CRITICAL.

There is nothing standing in the way of the present batch of totalitarians enacting anything they want.


Not the NRA, not the midterms, not 100-million emails and phone calls from voters, and especially not the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They simply don’t care.

At this point all any of us can do about guns and ammunition is to buy all we can afford. Which is what the masses already instinctively know, and why sales continue at a record pace.

There are some options for acquiring ammunition that some of you might not be aware of.

Super Vel has a Bring You Own Primer (BYOP) program available. You can ship your primers to them and they will build them into practice (ball) ammunition for you in 9mm or 45acp.

[Primers are the cartridge component in short supply for most manufacturers. However, primers are still available in small amounts at many major retailers like Cabella’s, Bass Pro, Natchez, etc… You might have to get on an email alert for availability, but you will be able to eventually get your hands on at least a 1000 primers at a time.]

Super Vel only accepts primers in increments of 1000.

For 9mm: Small pistol, small magnum pistol, as well as small rifle primers, are all acceptable for the caliber.

For 45: Large pistol and large magnum pistol are acceptable.

All of this can be done via UPS as of now, and Super Vel has not raised their prices during this crisis. Mail order ammunition is on the Democrats hit list, so take advantage while you can!

My advice

Buy everything you can afford. Buy rifles, magazines, and ammo like you’re buying it for your grandchildren – because you just might be. And they will need lots of ammunition to train with. Ammunition that, by the time they are ready, might not be available at any cost.

Yes – prices are outrageous.  No – don’t go into debt over it. But, if you see it, and have the cash, pick it up. We’re on a ticking clock We need to continue to fuel demand so every second of the remaining days and months are used to manufacture as much as possible and then stockpile it into the hands of good people.

Pay cash whenever you can, and if you live in a state where private sales are still legal, take advantage of that, as well.

Leave accessories, optics, and dress-up parts for some other time. Focus your available funds on what is being targeted for regulation.

I hope this is all for nothing, but hope isn’t a plan.

Delay is the strongest form of denial – C. Northcote Parkinson