“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick


A student informed me yesterday of a female relative who was recently accosted in her dorm room at mid-western college.

Her campus housing facility has had key card and door lock issues which were reported by the residents multiple times. Of course, nothing was done about it.

This breach was exploited by a drunken male student who gained access her room in the middle of the night and accosted her. At 3am, she was awoken by him…on top of her!

Two weeks earlier she informed our student of the dorm’s security issues and he immediately shipped her a canister of OC (pepper) spray. Of course, others in the family didn’t hesitate at the time to call him “paranoid” and accuse him of “overreacting.” Luckily for her, he didn’t listen!

The canister of OC was within reach of her bed, and she was able to access it and deploy it with great effect in her unwanted visitor’s face!

He was immediately incapacitated, and campus security was called.  She was uninjured, suffering only from the effects of the OC spray being touched off in a confined space.


There’s no such thing as “safe.” That condition does not exist! Life is full of risk, pitfalls, and predators – the wise plan accordingly. We take precautions and we provide for our own defense.

No matter how reassuring the empty rhetoric from the “authorities” or our family might sound, we are all on our own!

Neither your professor, boss, family, school administrators, police, or Nancy Pelosi will be there to save you during your next attack. The rules, regulations, and weapons bans passed by sanctimonious control freaks, which you are presently subjected to, will prove to be utter failures at the moment of truth – as they always do!

Your swift, decisive action, combined with whatever tools you have at hand, will decide the day. That, and only that, is what you should be betting your life on!

You are the first responder when violence visits – and when you least expect it, you’re elected!

Ready, or not – Go!

“If you make peace without defense power,then you should be really ready to be ruled.”
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity