“The transgenders winning the track meet in Connecticut last week are not “brave.” That was a mugging. Two boys figuratively beating up a group of girls and stealing from them. The East Germans used to pull the same stunt at the Olympics.” – Anonymous comment regarding THIS news story


Recently I was made aware of an academic paper published in Sport Science Review [vol. XXI, No. 3-4, August 2012] titled A Comparative Study on Strength between American College Male and Female Students in Caucasian and Asian Populations.

A telling stat the researchers note was women possess 35 to 60 percent of the muscular strength men do. Which means women are at least a 1/3 weaker than men, with a large portion of men being twice as strong.

This comes as no surprise to the sane! But, in 2019 America, simply suggesting “men are stronger” is considered heresy in certain circles. The punishment runs a spectrum from the suspension of your Twitter account to an on-line mob demanding your firing….at least for now. “Reeducation” camps may be the future.

Anyone who refuses to acknowledge basic biology is a fool. And such foolishness is putting women in jeopardy.

It’s one thing to shrug and accept the idea of Bruce Jenner deciding to live as a woman – after all, he’s done more physical damage with his car than his dress. But, it’s quite another for present day Bruce Jenner’s to declare themselves women and proceed to compete against actual women in track and field.

In our business, reality is all that matters. We can pretend that knife disarms without injury exist, or that we don’t have to aim shotguns, but reality is the final judge. And reality does not abide such fantasies.

Suggesting that women are physically capable of toe-to-toe fighting with men, as a generalization, is a fairy tale. The Ronda Rousey’s of the world are few and far between, and they have problems outside of their weight classes. Women are at a massive disadvantage in strength, and they need every advantage they can get when confronted with a male attacker. They need the advantage of weapons, and they need a use of force advantage recognized by law.

What I’m waiting to see play out with the “anyone can be a woman” movement is how Disparity of Force will be applied when a man identifying as a woman beats a female up and claims self-defense. It’s an inevitability. Likewise, when the male to female transsexual married to the female to male transsexual is claiming domestic abuse, who will the arriving officers arrest?

We can’t pretend this isn’t going to be a problem – if ‘Take it outside and I’ll show you sir’ Ma’am had thrown a punch at the Game Stop employee, would we expect the employee to defend himself like he would against a man 30% greater than his size, or do we expect him to try to hold wrists and go into blocking mode as civilized men do when women start hitting them?


I’m clear on what constitutes disparity of force. As identity politics and mobs continue to influence social norms, I’m not clear prosecutors will continue to interpret it the same way.

The application of Disparity of Force based on the physical and biological differences between men and women has been a constant in defense law. But, a small segment of society has now succeeded through ‘Accusation Avoidance Stockholm Syndrome’, or A.A.S.S., to compel a large portion of the population into pretending there are no physical or biological differences, less they be labeled bigots. We are experiencing a ‘Emperor Has No Clothes’ situation, and I don’t see this ending with rationality prevailing.

Anyone interested in being the test case?

“We are metaphysically equal. On all other levels we are unequal.” – Jordan Peterson