Helplessness induces hopelessness, and history attests that loss of hope and not loss of lives is what decides the issue of war.” – B.H. Liddell Hart

We’re two months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine and regardless of what our media says, Russia will inevitably defeat them.

Of course, the US, and other countries, will continue to fund and arm the Ukrainian military, which includes the ASOV Nazis (no, that’s not folklore or propaganda. They exist, and in vast numbers) – however, if the past decade is any indicator of how foreign funds are processed through Ukraine, we can assume the majority of US taxpayer dollars will flow right into offshore accounts belonging to corrupt officials, including Zelensky, and maybe even a Biden associate, or ten. Russia, in full control of Ukrainian airspace, will continue to destroy all foreign arms and equipment that crosses the border. Without complete commitment from NATO and the US to start WW3, defense of the nation is a lost cause.

In the meantime, planting season in Ukraine is being disrupted, and the clock is ticking on whether the 10% of the world’s wheat they produce will make it out of the ground and onto trains and ships. That, coupled with the 40% of total world wheat production Russia exports being juggled around to new buyers due to embargoes, we are looking at potential famines in the fall.

In the US, we’re experiencing terrible droughts in a large portion of the nation. Lake Mead is now at its lowest point ever, parts of California are implementing the most draconian water restrictions in their history. The Midwest is experiencing unseasonable cold – Fertilizer is still in short supply and hitting record costs, as is diesel fuel, which hit a record high today. All adding to the potential of missed planting deadlines nationwide.

The Biden “administration’s” answer to that is: “Good! The high fuel and fertilizer costs will force farmers to go green.” Another example of their complete disconnection from reality. They apparently don’t understand what bankruptcy is!

World shipping is even more chaotic than last year. Singapore’s “COVID lock-down” is still in effect, and 100’s of container vessels are dead in the water sitting off shore.

Freight shipping in America is beginning to lock up. The economy is grinding to a halt, and, quite rapidly, people are ceasing to buy things other than food and gasoline since it’s all they can afford. This, combined with rising diesel costs, is causing many trucking companies to lay off drivers and even shut down completely.

Bird flu is forcing the extermination of millions of chickens and turkeys. Eggs are hitting $5-6 a dozen in some parts of the country. Chicken prices have doubled.

We will be seeing a real estate and auto market downturn quite soon. To what degree remains to be seen. Bank home loan interest rates are between 5 and 6%, and some lenders are now offering FORTY year mortgages in a last ditch attempt to keep the game afloat.

Crime is hitting record highs across the nation, especially that of violent crime. Murders, carjackings, strong arm robberies – all off the charts. Smash and grabs by criminal mobs are all the rage. A Louis Vuitton store in Ohio two weeks ago lost $140,000 in merchandise in a matter of minutes.

The war on police continues. Recently released FBI numbers put the total of officers murdered on duty in 2021 at 73. With a large amount of those officers ambushed or victims of premeditated attacks. We’re on track for the same this year.

All while the sniveling Marxists in charge are forcing transsexual sensitivity training as the priority in every institution from our military to preschools, and our “media” applauds the conformation of the first black WOMAN to the Supreme Court – a woman, who when asked to define what a woman was, couldn’t!

We’ve reached a level of absurdity even Orwell’s imagination fell short of.

Speaking of Orwell, the administration just announced a Ministry of Truth-type agency that will be rolled into the Department of Homeland Security. And they still have the nerve to claim Trump was a dictator.

By-the-way, we still have a president suffering from dementia, and a vice president as stupid as a box of rocks. (We all owe Dan Quayle a massive apology!) And, the border is still wide open, with 836,000 illegals being released by DHS into the county since January 21st, and who knows how many crossed that were never caught.

Are we ready for the good news?

…We’re not sure there is much of that, these days. However, ammunition does seem to be on the shelves, at least for now, and quality training is available. Food prices may be high, but at least there’s still food. And, we’re 6-months from the midterms, which, if the momentum continues, will produce a massive Republican voter turnout ever – enough to overcome any and all cheating schemes that were in play during the 2020 theft.

Perhaps, with a sweep of the House and Senate, a veto proof congress can reverse some of the massive damage that has occurred over the past year and a half. Dare to dream!

In the meantime, we all have to navigate this mess.

Our advice, as usual, is:

– Pay down debt
– Attend firearm and medical training
– Secure a healthy supply of storage food, ammunition, and medical supplies.
– Learn to live a simpler life (less frivolous spending)
– Make good use of your time (learning new skills, reading, creating, starting businesses, developing relationships)
– Read the Constitution
– Become more self-reliant
– Get involved locally (School boards, city councils, etc.)
– Defeat your dependencies (Alcohol, smoking, sugar – whatever it is)

We will get through this, but only as strong, independent, active patriots, united in the cause of liberty!

“Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.” – Elbert Hubbard

*Addendum: After publication, the leak of the SCOTUS draft concerning its decision on Roe v. Wade and the Dobbs case hit the news. Activists are now marching, and have announced their plans to protest outside of the majority SCOTUS judge’s HOMES. A riot fence has been erected around the court grounds. Death threats to the Justices have been appearing all over social media.