Qu’ran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”


Sunday, May 21st, at 10:45pm UK time, a lone Jihadist suicide bomber detonated a device outside Manchester Arena, murdering 22 people and injuring another 50+. The majority of the casualties were women and young girls

The attacker was a 24-year-old, UK born, son of Libyan refugees. ISIS immediately claimed responsibility, and it’s now being reported the attacker made a trip to Libya just 5-weeks ago.

Yesterday, June 6th, another attack was carried out in London, employing both a vehicle (van) attack, and multiple jihadists with blades. In total, 8 victims died, and 48 were injured.

And, of course, armed police were no where to be seen, let alone any armed citizen – The British having turned full dishrag decades ago, completely disarming themselves.

Response time for the first armed officers was 8 minutes. Providing more than enough time to destroy the lives of 56 innocent victims, including an unarmed officer. As a student recently stated to us: Unarmed police amount to nothing more than USHERS.

[STORY: Citizens threw chairs at attackers as police ran away]



The root cause of these attacks is obvious.

Islam, as dictated by Muhammad, is a political ideology that demands every human being submit or die. Islam, as dictated by Muhammad, is a totalitarian political ideology spread through violence. Islam is incompatible with liberty.

Should Islam experience a reformation, like Christianity and Judaism have, then I expect we can all relax a bit. Until then, Islam is suspect. If you refuse to accept that reality, then stop reading now and go post a “We stand with Manchester” picture on Instagram – the adults need to talk.

These events have occurred throughout my life – it’s nothing new. What is new is the frequency they’re happening in western nations, along with a reverting back to fundamental Islam in many Middle Eastern, Asian, and African nations, through vehicles like ISIS/Daesh, Boko Haram, etc…

Combine that with the Islamic population growth world wide, as well as the “refugee crisis”, and we’re witnessing a slow death of the West – mostly via politically induced suicide in the name of progressivism.

This isn’t something that will destroy us in a day, or even a decade – it will take a couple more generations. But the pattern established makes it inevitable that Islam will rule Europe, and eventually the world. The numbers don’t lie – Muslim birthrates are past the point where non-Muslims could ever catch up. And there is nothing in recorded history to suggest that won’t bring war.

Yes, there are steps that can be taken to slow the process, and even reverse it, but few are willing to discuss it, let alone act. When the President enacts a temporary travel ban in an attempt to restructure the vetting process, he’s called a racist before the ink dries. Never mind Islam isn’t a race, and never mind the ban did not effect all Muslim nations. Nope – Progressives are hell bent on importing their own demise.

And I’m not suggesting boxcars, camps, or “final solution”, all I’m saying is “Hey, how about we not import it?” And, yes, the vast majority of the followers of Islam are not what would be considered “radical” – in fact, if we go with the most liberal of publications estimates, the guess-timate is 1%. So, if true, out of 1.6 billion Muslims only 1.6 million are considered potentially dangerous by apologists. Color me relieved!

Right now the estimate of Islamic population in England is 4.8%, just cresting the 3-million mark, leaving a potential 30,000 ready to take you out for Allah. And even allowing for the Sunni/Shi’a sect differences, once the density of Islam is large enough, their fighting among themselves won’t matter. The Kafir (we) will become irrelevant and the “moderates” will not stop their slaughter.

Of course, that’s the future. Today, the issue with arguing about statistics is that it only took 19 attackers to shut America down for a week, and inflict a giant bite to the roots of liberty with the implementation of the PATRIOT Act and Office of Homeland Security. [“Homeland?” Good Odin, I still cringe at that title. Apparently, ‘Fatherland’ had already been taken…]

19 altered the course of American history!

Now, imagine 10 coordinated attacks across the nation on school children on the same day – or even one commercial airliner shot down with a shoulder fired missile –  our lives will drastically change. What little liberty we still possess will be sacrificed on the alter of safety, the false god worshiped by statists and cowards. And, indeed, “the terrorists win” through the surrender of natural rights.

Why, just today, English Prime Minister Theresa May blamed the internet and suggested more government regulation to address it. No mention of refugees, immigration, Imam teachings, Mosque support, Muslim school curriculum, or even shipping known militants out of the country. Instead, her plan is to continue to erode the rights of citizens and cater to Islam. Granted, she did suggest increasing prison terms for terrorists, because, you know, people willing to murder you and themselves for God, with a promise of eternity in paradise, will obviously be swayed from doing so by the threat of an extra 10-years in jail.


I understand that nothing will change – Europe is doomed. “Refugees” will continue to cross borders. Civilization, women’s and gay rights, as well as IQ levels, will eventually be going backwards a few hundred years. And along the way, more young girls will be blown up, raped, married off at 8, genitally mutilated, and/or sold into slavery. More gay men will be thrown from rooftops, more caged prisoners will be set on fire, and more people will be beheaded in the public squares. Perhaps not in Iowa – at least in my lifetime – but the train is rolling, and Western nations are doing their level best to weld the throttle on full.


The level of stupid that can only be achieved through full stomachs, BuzzFeed, and John Lennon. A people facilitating their own demise.

I’m sure while “Rome burns” there will be some very touching candlelight vigils, hashtag campaigns, and lots of “thoughts and prayers” going out on Facebook, along with the usual gaggle of self-righteous deniers crying “Racist!”, “Xenophobe!”, and/or “Bigot!” at anyone who dares  to disagree. Well, so be it. I’m sure many will enjoy themselves with all of that, but here’s what the wise will do:

The wise will work within reality. They will accept the situation for what it is, they won’t rely on others for their defense, and they will have a plan! The wise will not buy into the fantasy of government as savior, or that US intel agencies “have it under control.” Or, that security is best left to the “professionals.”

So, with apologies to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (please don’t take it personally, sir), the Wolf/Sheep/Sheepdog analogy so many in LE and Military circles like to espouse will simply not cut it.


Sheep have no choice about their plight – they are born helpless. And sheepdogs are simply doing the bidding of the sheep herder, who will eventually be sheering and/or slaughtering the sheep. The sheepdog only acts as a facilitator for the fattening process and eventual cash out.

You have no liberty or sovereignty if you need a “sheepdog” to protect you. Short of special needs children and the infirm, the vast majority of Americans are perfectly capable of implementing a self-defense plan. Not only that, regardless of racial background, every single one of us has the blood of warriors running in our veins. If you go back far enough in your lineage, your people were once warriors…as well as slaves. I suggest you get in touch with your inner warrior, and stop cultivating your inner slave.

Americans were never meant to emulate sheep or require sheep dogs. Americans are not animals; American are rugged, HUMAN individuals. Humans who kicked a kings ass and who set the foundations for individual sovereignty. Americans are humans that have been battling Islam since the Barbary Pirates. Why? Because (I repeat), Islam and liberty are incompatible!

America doesn’t need more “protectors” – America needs more individuals protecting themselves!

Form your defensive strategy and put it into practice. Dishrag politicians, leftists, and media pundits don’t care about you.

Carry guns, carry trauma kits – have extensive training with both.

These attacks will not stop.

We’re all on our own.

A people always ends by resembling its shadow – Rudyard Kipling