“Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack, right now” – Karine Jean-Pierre, White House, March 30, 2023

It will be a week tomorrow that 28-year-old Audrey Hall breached the entrance of the Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee, where she then proceeded to murder 3 adults and three children.

The murderer identified as “transgender” (female masquerading as male), which has resulted in a bizarro-world level of news coverage and political pandering.

The day of, multiple news agencies issued apologies for “misgendering” the demon in their initial reports. Hundreds of blue check Twitter pundits and militant trans advocates issued statements suggesting the dead had it coming due to their intolerance, and the JRB Administration made zero effort to recognize the victims, or the hero officers who put the rabid dog down. Instead, they chose to focus on virtue signaling how staunchly they support the “oppressed” trans community that is “under attack”, as well as how this is all the American gun owner’s fault for having the gall to own basic household defensive rifles.

A proper response would be to canonize the actual victims, and pin Congressional Gold Medals and Presidential Medals of Freedom on the 5 officers who made entry, cleared the rooms, and finally took the evil sociopath out. Also, to finally affirm that trans individuals are suffering on a spectrum of a mild to massive form of mental illness, which needs to be addressed as such rather than coddled, encouraged, and celebrated to the point of castrating children.

However, that won’t happen. This President won’t even acknowledge the toxic wasteland formally known as East Palestine, Ohio.

Pandering to the base has reached a new low.

It’s also been revealed that the perpetrator was being treated for psychological issues. My bet is that we will eventually find out they were on some form of mood altering drug, as well.

The Victims

Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney and Hallie Scruggs, all 9-years-old. Teacher, Cynthia Peak, 61; School Head, Katherine Koonce, 60; Custodian, Mike Hill, 61.

The responding officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo fired the rampage ending shots. The names of the other three officers involved have yet to be released.

They, their friends, family, and loved ones, should be the focus. They, of course, will soon be forgotten, as is always the case.

Lessons From the Event

in 2018 I attended a Rapid Mass Murderer (RMM) seminar presented by then Olympia Fields Chief of Police, Jeff Chudwin. [Report found HERE]

Jeff is a larger-than-life hero in our business and was one of the first Peace Officers to begin screaming from the rooftops that there is no time to waste when these events occur. Whomever arrives first needs to take command, enter, and deal with the threats(s.) No waiting for SWAT – No waiting for back-up – No waiting for commands from headquarters – GO!

The officers in Nashville did exactly that, and did it PERFECTLY!

The direct opposite of what we saw in Uvalde, where officers stood around checking their phones and wiping themselves down with hand sanitizers as children screamed their dying breaths mere yards away.

However, the time between the first 9-1-1 call and the final shots was approximately 14-minutes.

14-minutes to murder unarmed victims is an absolute eternity! Under the correct circumstances, enough time to shoot all 200 students present.

At the mid-way point the assailant took up a sniper position at a window and fired upon arriving officers. Had she not chose to place her attentions to that task, there is no telling what the final victim count might have been.

This leaves us with a harsh reality. The first responders to a Rapid Mass Murderer are the potential victims themselves!

I’m not suggesting we arm 9-year-olds. I’m saying the same thing I’ve been saying for 20-years: Those with children in their care – the willing adults – need to be trained, and armed at all times.

There is no other answer when the moment of truth arrives. When a possessed lunatic attacks children with lethal force, the proper response to that is immediate application of high velocity missiles into their brainstem and/or upper torso. In order for that to occur, the adults present need to be equipped to do so.

Anything less results in more death to the innocent, and anyone suggesting otherwise is enabling carnage.

No one is coming to save us. We must train and equip accordingly.

Final Note

For the rest of 2023, any schoolteacher, school staff member, church security personnel, school bus driver, or daycare worker will receive half off tuition for any of our publicly offered handgun training classes.

Contact us for details.

Our collective goal should be for the body count of all such future incidents to be ONE: the Violent Criminal Actor.

“Never mind your happiness; do your duty” – Will Durant