Yesterday the President held a press conference where he announce his plans for executive orders on “gun control.” There wasn’t a single proposal he put forth that would have stopped any of the mass murders he named, but was insistent that he was “doing something“, and repeated the ever popular mantra of “if it saves just one life.

However, in the presentation he:

– Vilified veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD suggesting they were by nature unfit to own guns – The unintended consequences of that will more than likely be those heroes not seeking the care they need for fear of losing their rights.

– Insinuated that those holding NFA (National Firearms Act) trusts are scofflaws – either as acting or potential felons using their trusts to secure machine guns.

– Outright lied about internet gun sales.

– Outright lied about background check support percentages by gun owners.

– Lied about “gun deaths” by suggesting 10’s of thousands of people lose their lives in the US every year due to “gun violence.” The real number is under 8000 – his number includes suicides, accidents, and justifiable homicides.

He also failed to mention if selling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels without a license or background checks, as it was for the ATF and his AG through Operation Fast & Furious.

And I could go on…but I won’t.

I’m simply going to say this:

I didn’t vote for the man. I have obvious political differences with him. I thought he was a lousy Senator to my state, and I saw no real life experience that would qualify him for the job of President. …and I think I was proven right on that.

However, I still have never known him personally, and had no reason to think he was anything more than a politician doing what politicians do.

I no longer think that.

Every time I hear him speak, all I can do is ask, “Whose side is he really on?”

It’s not on the side of the Constitution, it’s not on the side of Liberty, and it’s not on the side of America. And it’s most certainly not on the side of TRUTH.

This man is the most destructive and divisive president in my life time, and perhaps in history. Every time he speaks he manages to anger half of the American populous. He’s destroyed race relations, ruined police/public relations, and projected the US as nothing but weak internationally. And again, I could go on, but I won’t…

Granted, it’s his last year. He’s not up for re-election, and our nation has endured, and come back from, worse damage. But there’s still a simple lesson: Who holds office matters. IPhones and gym shoes don’t.

We ignore that at our own peril.