Indeed, if the riots of 2020 prove anything, it’s that a sizable portion of Democratic politicians, intellectuals, academics, and journalists find riots and looting justifiable if committed in the name of “racial justice.” – Andy Ngo, Unmasked: ANTIFA’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy


Spring has arrived, and along with it, the smell of hygienically challenged leftists and pepper spray is in the air. Yes, it’s Riot Season once again!

For those under the impression ANTIFA and BLM violence would subside with the installment of a Democrat administration – surprise! The Ameri-Rouge have still not opted for gainful employment. No – they’re out in the streets doing what they always do – looting, burning, intimidating, and holding the other 99.8% of the population hostage. And they have no shortage of “reasons” right now to do so.

ANTIFA is just an idea, not an organization” – Joe Biden, September 2019

Derek Chauvin’s fate will be in the hands of the Jury next week. I can’t predict what they will decide. I’d like to think they heard the same defense arguments I did and will thus, at least, throw out the outlandish charges of Second- and Third-Degree Murder. However, even a manslaughter conviction will not appease the mob – I expect violent unrest in the major cities regardless of outcome.

We’ve had several other police shootings in the past two weeks that are also fueling the literal fires. The Brooklyn Heights event being the latest whirlwind of misinformation and overreaction, starting with the “he was just pulled over for an air freshener hanging from his mirror” lie, to the ridiculous idea the shooting had anything to do with race. It was a simple case of mistaking a firearm for a Taser, which has been an issue since Taser’s introduction to the police duty belt. (“Hey. let’s make it gun-shaped. What could possibly go wrong?”) Yes, the officer screwed up and that mistake cost a life, and for that there must be accountability. However, once something like this is politicized, the mob, not justice, becomes the guiding force.

In Chicago, bodycam video of the Adam Toledo shooting was released, sparking marches and protests. From what I’ve seen thus far, it was a clean shoot. But, try telling that to…well, anyone. The insane-train has left the station and nothing I can say will stop it.

Yesterday, there was an OIS (Officer Involved Shooting) in Portland, OR and San Antonio, TX – still waiting on details for those. And we had a Spree Murderer at a Fed Ex Facility in Indianapolis.

An Apple phone store was set on fire in Portland, and over 100 “protestors” were arrested in the Brooklyn Center, MN.

In DC, police clashed with rioters throughout the night. In L.A., BLM protestors spray painted “Kill Cops” and “No more white babies” graffiti on a wall during their “mostly peaceful” protest.

In Hawaii, a Zulu “prince” was shot by police after he followed a woman and entered her home, then charged the arriving police. (Read it for yourself, I’m not even bothering to try and unpack that one.)

The Biden White House, along with the usual cast of America-hating politicians, media outlets, and Twitter blue check marks, are fanning the “America is racist” flames with gale-force winds and whipping the gun control movement into a Kentucky Derby final stretch lather.

One note on the push for gun control: notice no one talks about the Colorado grocery store massacre anymore? Once it was established as an act of Islamic terrorism it was dropped from the news cycle. It simply doesn’t fit the narrative. …and many of you probably already forgot about it.  (Amazing how that works, huh? Think back and try to remember other events you’ve forgotten about.)

Also, you’ll notice none of the flame-fanners ever refer to riots and protests as “super spreader events.” Covid only exists as such when Americans try to attend church (or do anything else that makes them happy.)

Domestically, the boarder crisis continues to explode. DHS is estimating 2 million “migrants”, otherwise known as ILLEGAL ALIENS, will cross into the US by the end of 2021. Among them, no doubt, will be more terrorists, MS13, and sex offenders.

Border czar Camilla Harris has made no effort to put eyes on it, but, she did manage to make a stop at Chicago bakery “for a snack.” Her message being,“Let ME eat cake.”

We also have the Bolshevik’s sudden full court press to pack the Supreme Court.

America is rapidly devolving into a banana republic.

Internationally, we have Russia and Ukraine on the verge of war. Israel, Palestine, and Iran are trading blows. Raul Castro stepped down in Cuba, and the Prime Minister of Haiti, Joseph Jouthe, also resigned. Prince Phillip died, anti-lockdown protests are flaring up all over Europe, and something strange is going on economically. I can’t put my finger on it, but I have heard rumblings from people in the banking community who seem to think moving their assets into crypto currencies and precious metals is a good idea right now. In other words, they are quietly abandoning the dollar.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, the Pentagon has confirmed a video of UFO’s is real, DARPA has developed an implantable “COVID chip”, some insane scientists have introduced human/monkey hybrid embryos, and NYPD now has a robot dog.

Personally, I can’t keep up anymore.

What I do know is this: I’m on my own.

…and so are all of you.

Somehow this melee of crazy must be navigated. This is my advice:


We need to make check lists!

Topics should include: Weapons, food, medical supplies, go bags, vehicle readiness, escape plans (from home, work, school, etc…), water, sanitation, daily carry, pets, and anything else you need to remind yourself about.

Those check lists should be written out by hand (not digital), and gone over until every point is accomplished.

Those lists should be reexamined as necessary and double-checked often.

Each member of the family should have their own lists as they are able, and they should be put into immediate practice.


Firearm Maintenance: your daily carry guns need to be cleaned whether fired, or not. Mark a calendar when those intervals should be. Then, have a check list for your cleaning procedures. Along with that should be rotation of carry ammunition and inspection of holsters and magazine pouches for dirt, wear and tear.

Storage Food: Have a list of what you have on hand and when it was purchased. If you rotate it into daily meals, mark it off the list and replace it as used. Make sure you have calculated the practical usage of the food, meaning how many people it can sustain and for how long. Physically inspect it on a regular basis to make sure it hasn’t gone prematurely bad, or that bugs, rodents, heat, and moisture, haven’t destroyed it.

Go/Get Home Bags: They should be emptied and inspected quarterly. Batteries should be replaced in everything. Water and food swapped out. Kid’s bags should be monitored for changes in clothing size (kids grow).

Apply that type of thinking to all other lists.


– Obviously, don’t go to stupid places, with stupid people, and do stupid things. However, one may have no choice when the road you’re traveling home from work on suddenly is blocked off by protestors…(or, human/monkey hybrids…or, aliens from outer space – I’m joking, but is anything off the table right now?)

– Always keep your head up and pay attention when out in public. At the first sign of trouble, LEAVE.

– If you live in an urban area where protests are scheduled, you might want to stay with friends or find a hotel far outside the hot zone.

– NEVER LET YOUR GAS TANK GET BELOW HALF – even when on the highway traveling.

Keep it filled up!

– Consider daily wearing of eye protection (Impact rated glasses), with some sort of lanyard attachment. Watch the videos of these violent events – there is debris, fireworks, smoke, and all manner of solids and liquids flying through the air. We need to protect our eyes!

– Be armed every waking minute of the day, even watching TV, even mowing the lawn, even walking to the mailbox.

– Remember, the gun is the trump card. It’s the last thing we play. We don’t wave it around, we don’t fire warning shots, and we don’t make threats. We use it only when there is an immediate and otherwise unavoidable fear/threat of grave bodily injury or death to the innocent.

– I keep a rifle at hand as I am able. It travels with me when I’m on the road, and it’s in my room with me as I sleep. Those of you commuting to work on public transportation may not be able to fit it into your routine – and that’s understood. However, assess your situation and see what you can figure out.

– Rifles (and all guns) should be transported covertly. Meaning, they should be in bags and containers that don’t proclaim “gun” to the world. For long guns, sports equipment bags and instrument cases can be pressed into service with a little imagination. One can also invest in a Sneaky Bag or Savior Equipment Bag.

Author’s rifle in a Savior Equipment bag

Range bags can be improvised out of DeWalt tool bags, and the like.

Bags and cases marked Colt or Smith & Wesson, etc., on the side are just asking for trouble.

I’m not interested in advertising to the world that I have a rifle when walking in and out of hotels, or even my house. My guns are my business, and no one else’s. We should all embrace that attitude!

Don’t talk about guns at work, at lunch, with strangers, your leftist relatives, the UPS driver, or ANYONE for that matter. Fly under the radar! The nation is right on the edge of taking a turn into 1994 Rwanda, and your “friend” today could easily be tomorrow’s informant.

– Wear real footwear! Not sandals, not flip-flops, not smooth sole dress shoes. You need shoes you can fight in, preferably BOOTS. Here’s an interesting take on footwear which was sent to me yesterday: Click Here


Most of you reading have already secured a health supply of guns and ammo. For those who haven’t, get on it NOW. Don’t wait! Supplies will not be increasing nor will prices be coming down anytime soon. If you waited, you’re simply going to have to pay the premium to get outfitted. If you think ammo is expensive now just wait until its regulated beyond acquisition!

For those who listened to our advice over the years and presently have their armories well stocked, now is the time to focus on what you can easily buy – Holsters, optics, slings, etc… Spare holsters for every handgun, spare slings for every rifle. With Biden’s announcement on “ghost guns” and parts kits, spare parts would also be a good idea to acquire before some draconian law against mail order purchases is enacted.

Magazines are in stock most places. Magpul has 30-round Gen 3’s for $15 each on their site. They should be cleaned out by all of you immediately.

Buy them all

Think of present day South Africa. There are people living there that are using and carrying the same arms and ammunition they purchased 30-years ago. Imagine that is our eventual fate and plan accordingly. What would you like to still have access to 30-years from now? …those 2 boxes of hollow points no longer seem like enough, do they?


If you have 600-rounds on the shelf but no training, your ammunition amounts to nothing but a magic talisman. A childish good luck charm that represents nothing more than a 3-year-old hugging their favorite blanket. You need to fire 500-rounds of it in a real training class. The last 100 will then represent 100 hits on target during a conflict, rather than 600 misses altogether.

I’m not telling you to sign up with us, specifically. There are 100’s of great Instructors around the nation. The point is that it’s your duty to yourself, family, and nation to accept your adult responsibilities during these times – to shun the fantasy that playing Call of Duty and backyard plinking qualify as training. Your eventual performance during the fight of your life should not be a fantasy prediction, but rather a calculated confidence based on real skills and capabilities.

If you think closing down ranges or making “tactical training” illegal isn’t on their radar, stop kidding yourself. NOW is the time to get it done!

If you’d like to join us with your rifle on the 24/25 April weekend in Sturgis, Michigan, we can accommodate you.


I’m not the only one noticing that everything seems off kilter right now. There is a general awareness in most I talk with that “something just isn’t right.” There’s far too much happening all at once, and it’s putting most people on overload.

Defund the Police” is no longer just a slogan, its being put into practice, all while ANTIFA and BLM are allowed to riot at will. These organizations, as they have been throughout history, will end up being the foundation of the communist’s street level enforcement arm. Thugs that masquerade as “community safety officers”, or some other such euphemism, whose actual job is to shake down the productive while beating the objectors into submission.

The Marxists in charge show no signs of slowing their pace. I suggest we all continue to check our lists and prepare accordingly.

Once again, I’m not in the future predicting business, all I can do is assess the information I have. Right now, all signs international and domestic point to war. And I can’t help but imagine the horrors of the most well armed populous in the history of humanity cracking off and lighting itself up.

Odin, help us.

“The greatest curse that can befall a free people, is civil war.” – Alexander H. Stephens