“Showing off is the fools idea of glory” – Bruce Lee

We practice what is referred to as the Stealth Existence.  Those of us who carry in public should not be drawing any attention to ourselves or our guns. Daily movement should be low key with as little friction as possible, never sticking out, never escalating – we leave loud, abrasive behaviors to amateurs! We are plain, vanilla, and boring to all who observe us.

This is applied to more than just our persons; it includes our homes, social media profiles, and vehicles, as well.

A student recently captured the above photo of a truck parked in front of her. She posed this question to me: “If you were looking to steal guns, wouldn’t this be a good vehicle to start with?”

My reply was: “Yes! Especially parked in a courthouse or government building parking lot where we peon citizens can’t carry inside. It’s there we provide criminals the best odds of finding a gun in a vehicle.”

Advertising your gun ownership offers little reward. The NRA stickers and Gadsden flags are most likely failing to impress anyone other than those who wish to use it against you. Criminals, political opposition, activists, law enforcement – no good can come from providing any of them such intel.

It’s your choice to act as a rolling billboard advertising the potential contents of your vehicle and home (and yes, a good thief may follow you and case your house if they think the payoff is three rifles and five handguns), but we must be honest with ourselves about what it’s actually accomplishing.

Your gun ownership is no one’s business.  I suggest you keep it that way.

“A secret’s worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.”
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Shadow of the Wind