“Carelessness and overconfidence are usually more dangerous than deliberately accepted risks.”
– Orville Wright


Since the Paris attacks American news sources have been parroting the same tired mantra that there is no “credible” terror threat against the US. A more laughable notion is hard imagine. Border security in this nation is nonexistent due to politically correct policies publicly touted by leftists as kind-hearted altruism, but whose actual motive is expansion of their voting base.

Those with fingers on the pulse accept that terrorists are in this nation and the next attack is simply a matter of time. Yet, those in charge are ignoring the obvious and doubling down on ineffective and outdated security measures.

In this past week a number of our Staff and students have been moving around the nation and noting the Grand Canyon-sized holes in policy. One Instructor observed the doubling and tripling of police presence at two major metro airports (a dubious use of personnel and resources, at best) yet had no issue entering a major sporting event without so much as eye contact from “security.”

Airport security has been show business since the 70’s, but it has been enhanced enough to remove planes from the top of the target list. It’s my opinion that any extra local, county, and state police officers should be allocated to shopping malls, schools, churches, sporting events, and entertainment venues.

This week we’ve also been treated to footage of NYPD practicing “active shooter” training in the cities subways, accompanied by press conferences where the mayor and chief droned on about how they “have everything under control, so please keep going out and spending money!”

A few days ago DC’s rabidly anti-gun police chief had the nerve to suggest that citizens attacked by terrorists “might be” better off fighting…what with, exactly, she made no mention of. Heaven forbid we peons actually carry proper tools for the job.

What this amounts to is business as usual. And the reality is that we’re all on our own!
There is no such thing as “safe.” That condition is unobtainable. Like “Santa Clause” and “Donald Duck”, safety is fantasy. Simply being alive holds risk, and the best we can do is manage the risk.

We need to go about our lives and enjoy the holidays, but the wise do so trained and armed.

Carry your gun(s), keep a trauma dressing and TQ on your person, refrain from ingesting alcohol, and remember that  your priority is to your family. Awareness is the word of the day!

If not you, who?


“Black Friday in our world is Soft Target Friday in theirs. Keep your head up, eyes open and pay attention to what is going on around you. Be armed and have a plan!” – Tommy Teach, Fortress Staff Instructor