“Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Friend and colleague John Boch was recently involved in a minor interaction with an unstable stranger in a gas station parking lot, which was sparked off by the presence of a pro-gun bumper sticker on John’s car.

When it comes to gun ownership, John and I live different lives than most. We’re both instructors, and John goes a step further by being one of the loudest and most active gun rights advocates in the state of Illinois. There’s no secret about our stance on guns, and we both understand what we’re undertaking. There’s risk involved – our schedules are on our websites, and our faces end up on social media and news outlets. As with all things in life, one makes risk/reward assessments and goes forth boldly.

However, the majority of us who carry guns should be living what John Farnam refers to as The Stealth Existence. We should go from place to place flying under the radar and attracting zero attention. We should be plain, vanilla and BORING! That means there should be NO stickers on our car regarding the subjects of guns, nor should not be wearing NRA hats or “Protected by Smith & Wesson” t-shirts at the mall.

I’m sure this won’t sit well with many, but advertising a pro-gun stance in public is a form of OPEN CARRY. It is attracting attention from people whose attention you don’t want. From the crazy in the parking lot to the criminal who sees the trunk of your vehicle as a potential jackpot – it’s trouble we don’t need!

Your gun is your trump card. It’s the last thing we play, and its effectiveness is based on surprise.

Your guns are no ones business!

“All confrontation is based on deception.” – Paul Watson

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