While the nation sits waiting for the outcome of the presidential contest, this might be a good time to point out the single subject we should all agree on.

It’s become abundantly clear that regardless of who wins, there is no longer any faith in our election process.

Once the winner is announced, half the country will see it as theft.

This is a third world/tin pot dictator/no point in bothering anymore situation. It’s the worst place we could be, and it’s unsustainable. The Republic will not survive with the legitimacy of every election questioned from this day forward.

Yes, after the inauguration life will go on. We’ll go to our jobs, we’ll do what we normally do. But, the reality will nag and fester – disenfranchisement and anger will eventually manifest itself as physical political terrorism.

When half the country thinks their vote doesn’t count – that’s when the assassinations and bombing plots begin to unfold. People’s Something Fronts and Liberation Armies of the Whatever will start meeting in basements and fomenting revolutions. There will be no shortage of willing fighters.

You think ANTIFA is bad now? Just wait till they start arming up. And, don’t worry, you’ll see a massive rise in “right wing” militias, as well. There will also be plenty of foreign powers willing to donate serious weapons and funding to all the causes.  ALL of them. They’ll support both sides – after all, what better way to take down America than to let its own citizens shred their Constitution and murder each other? China would love it.

Abortion numbers bothering you? Wait till the daycare’s start getting blown up.

Environmental disasters on your mind? Urban warfare will make landfills look like a Sophomore’s dorm room.

And, violence? …this nation doesn’t know what real violence is. I just read a correspondent’s account of a checkpoint he rolled up to during an African civil war where the “rope” strung across the road was an enemy combatant’s intestines. You ready for that horror show, folks?

To my friends and students from all sides of the political spectrum, fair and honest elections should be a point of agreement all of us can rally around. I have some ideas of how that could be accomplished, I just don’t see it as a congressional priority without the mass of the nation forcing the issue.  That begins with all of us admitting the peril we’re now exposed to, and starting the discussion with every person we come in contact with. It’s the key to restoring civility – otherwise, we get the antithesis: civil war.  We’re long past the “in between” point, and don’t think the rest of the world doesn’t see it.

If you’re not willing to put your partisan politics aside and address this now, then we can stick a fork in the Republic. And, none of us “win” in that scenario.

Unify around it, with EVERYONE.