If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

On August 3rd a single murderer walked into the El Paso Walmart Superstore and opened fire with an AK47-style rifle. At this time, the casualty count is 22 dead, 24 injured. 13 hours later, a single murderer opened fire outside of the Ned Pepper’s Bar in Dayton, Ohio. He took 9 lives and wounded an additional 14.

For the past five days 98% of the media pundits, politicians, and Hollywood-types, as well as a good percentage of the public, have been talking, screaming, demanding, and/or threatening some sort of “gun control” as an answer. The most popular proposal being the enactment of “red flag” laws, which amount to anyone being able to anonymously notify the authorities that they suspect anyone else of being a threat – thus, allowing police to confiscate the “threat’s” weapons without any due process.

There are also all manner of gun and magazine bans, waiting periods, age restrictions, background checks, licensing, and “buy backs” on the table. (Side note: How does one “buy back” something they never owned in the first place? Let’s call it what it is, confiscation!)

DJT has entered the bad idea Olympics with his suggestion that “violent video games” need to be looked into, as well as creating a cyber big brother controlled by the military that will monitor all social media looking for potential violent criminal actors.

Now, perhaps some of you reading this are fond of a few of the proposed ideas being floated – But, here’s why you’re wrong:

None of them address TODAY!

Not a single bit of legislation being discussed will prevent the next antisocial, murdering loser from taking the lives of random victims RIGHT NOW.

But, Frank, we have to do something!

Yeah, I know. And that something is what I’ve been encouraging people to do for the past 20-years: Carry your gun.

But, Frank, we have a mental health crisis!

Yeah, I know. Carry your gun.

But, Frank, my children are scared, and I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t go to the store without worrying about some maniac murdering us.

Yeah, I know. Carry your gun.

All of our problems will not be solved today. In fact, they will probably never be completely solved. This makes the facts of life quite simple: Regardless of political party in control, no matter what programs are enacted, no matter how many times a tweet is shared, and despite all the prayers to Vishnu, the best way to stop an active murderer in their tracks is a bullet to the brain-stem. And that requires a gun in capable hands to be present at the outset.

It is ALL that will work TODAY!

Don’t be the woman who decided not to carry the day of the attack, and don’t be the guy who decided not to carry the day of the attack.

Yes, we have 99 problems, but having the means to immediately put down an attacker ain’t one of them.


Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson