It is the opinion of the Fortress staff that everyone in the United States should experience lessons in firearm safety and gun handling. There are more firearms in the US then there are people, and we believe that even those who choose not to own firearms should understand the safety aspects, if for no other reason than someday they may find themselves in the presence of a gun which they may need to secure. Our safety course is designed to introduce the student to proper gun handling and safe storage of firearms.

  • Student required skill level: None
  • Equipment required: None
  • Ammunition requirements: None
  • Duration: 4 hours

Teaching Points Include:

  •  The “4-Rules of Gun Safety”
  • Definitions of commonly used technical terms
  • Mechanical familiarization of both:
    • The clients’ personal firearms
    • Others of interest
  • Chamber checks
  • Proper storage (safes, gun locks)
  • Loading and unloading
  • Ammunition types and terms
  • Hearing and eye protection, & other safety equipment
  • Range safety
  • Children and firearms