In a protection assignment, firearms would only be used as a last resort. However, if deployed, the protection specialist must respond quickly and precisely to prevent injury to the Protectee. This course builds upon existing firearms skills and helps re-orient the student’s mindset; to break away from traditional self-defense concepts and fire from unusual shooting positions, while controlling another person who may exhibit a variety of responses under fire.

  • Required student skill level: Advanced defensive handgun, or current police re-qualification certificate. Must have completed (or be enrolled in) dignitary/executive protection training from a recognized public or private training organization.
  • Equipment required: Functional handgun (.38/9mm or larger), at least three magazines/speed-loaders, appropriate holster and magazine carrier, tactical flashlight.
  • Ammunition requirements: 500-rounds factory ammunition.
  • Duration: One day

Teaching points include:

  • Gun handling and range safety
  • Equipment selection and carry
  • Continuum in the use of force
  • Avoidance and disengagement techniques
  • Unarmed response to AOP
  • One-handed shooting refresher
  • Ambidextrous shooting
  • Protection shooting positions/techniques
  • AOP drills under fire