Drawing from the Fortress staff’s 100-plus-years of combined defensive, safety and medical experience, we will help you and your family develop techniques to live a “Defensive Lifestyle.” Home security, defense in public, child safety, emergency procedures, and much more are all combined into a customized program for your life. We will work with spouses and children to develop a proper defensive mindset and attitude.

May be combined with Basic Firearm Safety or Force-On-Force training for those who own firearms. Non-gun related defensive consultations are welcome!

Female instructors available

  • Required student skill level: None
  • Equipment required: None
  • Ammunition requirements: None
  • Duration: Client Specified

Teaching Points Include:

  • Home security
  • Workplace security
  • Vehicle security
  • Family/group security in public
  • When to dial and what to expect from 911
  • Safe rooms
  • Home escape
  • Mindset

Contact us for scheduling and pricing. Airsoft equipment can be provided for rent with advance notice.