Many police cadets, police officers and security personnel have difficulty passing their firearms qualification tests. This is very common and is usually not due to any fault of the officer or candidate. Most often it’s simply that there is not enough instruction time at the academy or department to focus on any one officer’s personal shooting issues. Fortress has developed a one-on-one tutoring program to address the problems you may be encountering on the range, and to help you pass on your next attempt!
You will have a Fortress staff member at your side to personally walk you through all of your question and concerns! Our staff members are professional, courteous and patient. We’ re here to help, and we want you to succeed!
  • Cost: $50.00 per hour, plus expenses (travel costs and range fees). Contact us for a quote!
  • Required student skill level: None
  • Equipment required:  Functional handgun, .380 caliber or larger
  • Ammunition requirements: At least 100 rounds
  • Duration: Student Designated

Teaching Points Include:

  • Familiarization with you personal firearm
    • Controls and manipulation
    • Locking the slide back with ease
    • Maintenance, field stripping and cleaning
  • Sights, sight alignment, and proper aiming technique
  • Proper grip
  • Proper stance
  • Trigger control and trigger reset.
  • Correct ‘Dry Fire’ practice
  • Techniques for charging magazines
  • Reloading
  • Stoppage reduction
  • Proper draw from the holster

We will travel to you and train your group on your personal range or at a range in your locality which meets our requirements. If range facilities allow, a night shoot will be scheduled, as well. Contact us for scheduling and pricing. Firearms and equipment can be provided for rent with advance notice

Laws regarding handgun ownership and carry rights vary greatly from state-to-state and each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. Fortress recommends that you consult with your own state’s Attorney General’s office before purchasing any firearm, or before you attempt to carry a handgun. Many find to be a good resource, as well. Please remember that laws and statutes regarding firearms change almost daily throughout the United States; it’s up to you to know the law!