This course is a continuation of Level I Principal Protection training for individuals involved or interested in the fields of dignitary, executive or celebrity protection. The Level II course is far more dynamic in nature and focuses on the physical skills and response techniques learned in Level I. The techniques of threat assessment are more deeply explored and students will investigate actual threat cases as well as interview actors trained for this exercise. This is a fast-paced class where physical training is interspersed with academic lecture throughout the program.

  • Required student skill level:  Attendees must have completed a basic EP/CP course from an accepted public or private institution. Because more aggressive physical training is included, students should be in relatively good physical condition (students seeking ADA modifications are encouraged to confidentially self-identify to the instructor).
  • Equipment required: Casual clothing such as sweats or “5-11’s” for most of the class, and a business suit for one field operation. Functional handgun (if authorized to carry), at least three magazines/speed-loaders, appropriate holster and magazine carrier, tactical flashlight, combat rifle and shotgun (both with slings) and any other equipment the student normally carries (including cell-phone, BlackBerry or other communications device). Students will need to supply a full size 4-door sedan or SUV appropriate for motorcade use (this vehicle will not be used for ramming).
  • Ammunition requirements: 500 rounds handgun, 300 rounds rifle, 20 rounds shotgun slug, 40 rounds shotgun buck.
  • Duration: 40 Hours

Teaching Points Include:

  • Detection of IED’s and Hazardous Materials
  • Threat Assessment Investigations/Interviews
  • Detail Planning and Formations (AOP drills)
  • Motorcade Operations and Safety (AOP drills)
  • Command Post Operations (functional)
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics
  • Defensive Firearms for Protection Specialists
  • Emergency Medical Response Under fire