It’s March 16th and oh, how life is changing!

Curfews have been announced in a number of cities, more schools are closing, restaurants in some states have been declared “take out” only, and stores continue to see long lines and items flying off the shelves. This will be increasing over the next 24-48 hours, and expect domestic air travel to be grounded.

Firearms dealers all over the nation are reporting brisk business! Many are now completely sold out of all common calibers of ammunition, and magazine fed handguns and rifles. Friends in a Texas retail store relayed to me that they received a re-stock delivery over the weekend and were able to continue business today – we’ll see if they make it to the end of the week before the shelves are bare!

Those with odd caliber firearms like the 5.7 or .357Sig might still find a quantity of ammo still available in inventory here and there.

On-line retailers are all but sold out of all common defensive rounds, and what is still out there has doubled in price overnight.

For those of you still lacking, check your local True Value Hardware or Farm & Fleet. Contacts relayed to me today that their local branches still have plentiful amounts of ammunition on their shelves. But, it is my most sincere hope that all of you took our advice over the past months (and years) and secured a healthy supply already.

The interesting thing about a pandemic is that it tends to reduce crime in the short term. Everyone gets “scared” and avoids unnecessary contact with others. Some good news is that I doubt we’ll see any ANTIFA protests for the immediate future! However, that only works until addicts need a fix, criminals decide empty retail shops are worth the risk, and the general population doesn’t go stir crazy or start to starve. Two weeks, three on the outside, is all I see the public enduring of an actual shelter-in-place lock down, not without stacks of bodies in the streets as motivation to stay put.

At this point I’ve been impressed by how well most Americans have been behaving. Sure, there’s been a few fist fights over the last of something, but overall everyone has been quite civil. We’ll see how long that lasts.

For us, we need to maintain a reserved calm. My advice to all of you is to get plenty of rest, and make sure you exercise! Don’t spend your time sitting on the couch – get up and move. We all need to maintain our physical and mental health through the duration. Most areas on “lock down” still allow a walk around the block, or even a walk to the grocery store. Take advantage of it. And, of course, do so ARMED.

There has been zero indication by the Trump administration that any “emergency” gun restrictions will be enacted. Thus far, only the City Council of Champaign, IL, has had the brass to pretend they have any authority to do so, and immediately claimed they didn’t when outrage ensued.

Either way, concealed means concealed, and only a fool would navigate this crisis unarmed!


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