“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” – Sun Tzu

“The enemy doesn’t give a sh!t about your pronouns” – Frank Sharpe

The word decimate is derived from the Latin, decem, meaning ten. To decimate means removing one in 10.

Militarily, decimation is a form of punishment first employed by the Romans. When military units acted with cowardice, mutinied, deserted, or behaved in other such fashion, common practice was for the guilty soldiers to draw lots consisting of one short straw for every 10. The ill-fated individual drawing the short straw would then be beaten, stabbed, or stoned to death by HIS other nine comrades.

The offending units would lose one soldier in 10 – thus, decimated.

The last recorded occurrence of military decimation (at least a form of it) used on friendly troops most likely occurred during the Battle of Stalingrad in WWII (or, as the Russians refer to it, The Great Patriotic War) where Russian officers, under direct enemy fire, shot those under their command for “cowardice” in an attempt to motivate the rest of their units to advance or hold positions against the Germans.

Present Day

On July 6th, the United States Army cut off pay and benefits to, and relieved of duty, 62,000 National Guard and Reservists for failure to submit to a forced experimental mRNA injection for a virus that has since mutated into a strain that the injection wasn’t even designed to combat.

Over 1 in 6 Guardsmen are no longer considered fit for duty.

This occurred while the announcements were made that applicants to the Army are no longer required to possess a high school diploma and may now display facial tattoos.

As if the Afghanistan debacle wasn’t enough, Joe Biden, and the rest of the “woke” Bolsheviks in his administration, while not literally executing 1 in 10, have most certainly decimated the Guard (almost twice over) simply by laying them off.

They just sold a portion of the strategic oil reserves to China, as well.

And they do all of this while simultaneously trying to pick a fight with Russia.

This is no longer incompetence, it’s sabotage. In line with the behavior one would expect from a political family (and a mass of the Congress and Senate) who have long been bought and paid for by the Chinese. And, with the latest Hunter Biden laptop/IPhone/ICloud revelations, we can certainly surmise that multiple foreign intelligence agencies have had plenty of blackmail material on the lot for years. It’s not some January 6th show trial pretending treason occurred – it’s actual treason. It’s a Quid Pro Quo, off shore account, sell the nation out, real-live-specific treason.

You remember America First? Well, this is America LAST!

And, if they have their way, it won’t be one in ten soldiers destroyed, it will be our entire military, including trans and the rest of the LGBQ+ members of it. But, when the hyper-sonic missiles strike, there won’t be enough DNA left to figure out whom to bury in a dress, or what pronouns to chisel into their/them/they/xe tombstones.

Woke = Weak. And combat does not abide weakness.

We’ve become a laughingstock. There isn’t a wisp of fear from any of our enemies, only delight. They know they have years before we can begin to reverse the National Security damage that has been inflicted. Let’s not be shocked when they act on it.

“Decency is on the ballot.” – Jill Biden

[Thank you to Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL and author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, for the lesson on decimation and the inspiration on this one. More his thoughts than mine. Buy his books HERE.  – Frank]