“Who wishes to fight must first count the cost.” – Sun Tzu

As the nation grinds through it’s 3rd month of violent protests and civil unrest, many are left wondering when it will turn hot, meaning when will it go from fists, rocks, and arson, to guns.

Partially, I think it hasn’t because “we” (the rational citizens who just want to be left alone) are patient and exercising self-control. However, that doesn’t answer why the communists haven’t started shooting, yet.

Yes, I know there have been a couple of instances, such as 8-year old Secoriea Turner being shot by a “protestor” in Atlanta on July 4th, as well as the protesters that were shot by a fellow “protestor” in Denver on July 26th, while he attempted to shoot at a vehicle that was evading their roadblock. And, guns have been pulled in Indianapolis, and a few other places. But, the left has kept the live fire to a minimum, and that’s on purpose.

They know they don’t have the numbers they need for a physical war.

The approach they are using is about rapid political change in the places they already control (Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, Seattle, LA, Atlanta, etc…) The rioting is allowed in those locations by facilitating mayors, police chiefs, city councils, and even governors. This, in turn, allows for massive propaganda victories. Image after image of statues toppling, police cars burning, looting, walls being tagged, windows being smashed, and rioters having their way with responding officers because they have been stripped of their ability to do their job.

All of this has:

a) Set the stage for the defunding of departments and the accompanying realignment of city budgets, as well as the institution of programs whose goal, they claim, is “social justice” but amount to little more than political/racial/economic punishments for those they hold in distain.

b) Become one giant recruiting campaign for new membership in their mob.

c) Worked as encouragement for members in “blue” areas to start acting.

Shooting people would not generate the same results. All that would get them is an instant and overwhelming ass kicking. They are engaged in a common, time tested, historical tactic used by communist revolutionaries over the past 120+ years.

Again, what we are seeing in our streets is not organic. It is well organized, and well-funded. Yes, Soros has his checkbook in this, mostly laundered through non-profits posing as social justice and political action groups. And others contribute to those, too. In places like Seattle, the city, under the orders of the communist mayor,  provides food and port-a-johns to the anarchists. Thus, the taxpayers are actually footing part of the bill for their own destruction.

This is all to say, we need to continue to control our impulses and our trigger fingers.

Firefights are not the answer right now. Slaughtering ANTIFA/BLM personnel will turn them into martyrs. It will provide a whole new propaganda campaign for the left and the media to promote. It’s actually what they want.

No. Instead, we need to run the clock out to November 3rd.

We need to avoid the conflicts as best we can. We need to continue to try and win hearts and minds. We need to continue to promote liberty. And we need to get people committed en masse to VOTING on election day to throw the communists out on their asses. We need both Houses of Congress and the White House, as well as more state houses and governorships.

Now, should the Democrats mail in scheme or some other shenanigans upset the outcome, we’ll deal with that when it happens. As for now, our goal should be preservation of the Republic through it’s Constitutional mechanisms, not a hot civil war.

The nation needs several things from all of us, right now. Not the least of which is honest election judges – so, volunteer!

We also need to make ourselves heard. Not by counter protesting, but by contacting elected officials. Mayors, town councils, congress persons – they should all know where you stand on all the issues – COVID, guns, riots, police, taxes, shutdowns, masks, etc… Letters, emails, phone calls. Get loud!

Also, find some local candidates you can support and canvas for them. Even just mentioning names to friends and family is a big help. Most people barely recognize 2% of the names on a ballot when they go to vote and quite often leave the specific race blank when they don’t know anything about the person.

Over the next two months, while the left attempts to put their resources into destruction, let’s put our energy into construction – Building campaigns, voter blocks, energy, momentum, and turn out!

This is our last chance for a relatively peaceful outcome from all of this. I suggest we make the most of it.

And, of course, continue to confirm zero on our rifles.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu