” The greatest terrorism-related threat that we face in the homeland is the threat of domestic violent extremism… the most prominent threat is the threat of White supremacists.” – Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, April 7, 2022

Today I was asked by an acquaintance what my thoughts were on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. My cynical response was, “Does it matter?

My opinion or historical lecture will in no way change the outcome of what’s occurring now, nor will in the future.

What I am willing to do is advise how to navigate what appears set in motion.

Israel is not about to take a half-measure with over 1000 of their citizens murdered. The Islamic world is not about to forget about 10’s of thousands of Palestinians that will be dead from retaliation. The wheels of escalation are in motion – war has arrived! How widespread has yet to be seen.

The question is – Will it manifest itself in the US, and, if so, how?

Since 9/11, our northern and southern boarders have been, for all intents and purposes, wide open. Yes, there are ports of entry where vehicles are searched and documents perused, but anyone can find a way across the 1000’s of miles of open border and coast. We have seen the influx of millions of illegals into every corner of the nation – mysterious strangers absorbed into the population with not so much as a tuberculosis check.

Millions have also poured into Europe over the last decade.

I wouldn’t begin to suggest that they all possess criminal intent or are potential jihadists. However, what if it’s just one percent of one percent?

Out of 20-miilion illegals in America you’re left with 2000 people who have been planning and preparing for violence against the citizenry.

I’ve warned for over a decade that a Night of 1000 Knives is coming. Sleeper cells are already here, and they are not comprised of the usual low IQ useful idiots the FBI is known to entrap when their budget is under review. These are soldiers who know how to keep a low profile until their orders arrive.

Today, Khaled Meshaal, the former leader of Hamas, called for “global protests” tomorrow (Friday, October 13th) We’ll see what that produces. Metro police departments and State Guard Units are on alert.

BLM and ANTIFA have already made statements of support, and held rallies for, Palestine/Hamas. We can expect that to increase, and those events to turn violent.

Eventually, and it makes me ill to say this, we may very well be dealing with multiple churches, synagogues, schools, retirement homes, day-cares, and/or other soft targets, being hit simultaneously with zero mercy. Guns, knives, explosives, vehicles, light aircraft, construction equipment, and anything else that could be deployed as a weapon, may end up being used on civilians.

Infrastructure is also at risk. Cell towers, power lines, data centers, pipelines, tunnels, fuel storage depots, bridges, trans-Atlantic and Pacific telecom cables, water reclamation facilities, military and government installations, nuclear power plants – all sitting ducks.

“Security” is not anything close to what government officials would have us believe. Most can be overcome with a proper application of brute force…. or, infiltration. And, let’s not forget about cyber-attacks!

This could be a limited conflict that grinds away for years while we return to normal life – it could be the beginning of WW3 – it could be anywhere in between. And it may manifest itself as your loved one’s school being the next Beslan.

The future is anyone’s guess.

All this to say, we’re on our own!

Personally, I’m not interested in being slaughtered by sociopaths. I also know that the only thing government has done in my lifetime is get more incompetent and less concerned with the lives of taxpaying citizens. And that’s being generous!

So, this leaves us with only one course of action, which is to provide for our own security!

Every adult who is mentally and physically able should not leave the house unarmed. Every child should understand how to put pressure on a wound. All of us should have on our person a way to stop bleeding.

A brief checklist for the immediate future

Daily carry:

– Handguns worn in proper holsters. Bring a re-load with if you can.

– A robust, quality blade.

– Flashlight – 600 lumens, or more.

– IFAK [Individual First Aid Kit] – comprised of at least a Pressure Dressing, like the Emergency Bandage by Performance Systems, a 14g angiocath of chest decompression, and some form of tourniquet. For those with limited space, look into the TK-4 by Tourni-Kwik. Otherwise, the C.A.T. is our recommended tourniquet.

– Phone (always charged)

In your vehicle:

– A properly zeroed long gun with a sling and at least one reload.

– A Go/Get home bag containing, water, snacks, a power bar to recharge your phone, spare socks, paracord, a way to start a fire, hard copy maps of the areas you traverse, extra eye protection, spare charged magazines for both of your firearms, and spare batteries for optics and lights. Spare medications if you require them.

– A large, well-stocked medical kit.

– Water, MRE’s

– Blankets, gloves, tow strap, tools, fix-a-flat, duct tape, tarp, extra flashlight/headlamp.

– Gas tank never below 3/4 – vehicle properly maintained.

At Home:

– Three weeks food. Three weeks water (if you have room to store it.) Pet food.

– A month’s worth of your prescriptions.

– A large medical kit

– A way to provide light and heat in event of power failure.

– At least 10 magazines for each pistol. 20 for each defensive rifle. 500-rounds of practice ammo for each pistol. 1000-rounds of practice ammo for each rifle. More is always better. Holsters for every pistol, slings for every rifle.

– If you can safely store it, 20-gallons of fuel for each vehicle.

– Upgraded door locks. Dogs, alarms, cameras, security lighting.


– You, and your like-minded neighbors, need a way to communicate. FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies are a good place to start.

– Satellite phones and/or Bivy Sticks are highly recommended.

Form and review emergency plans with all members of the family, especially minors who may be at school during an attack.

And, no gear on the list is worth anything without proper training!

Lastly, encourage your receptive friends and family to take the same measures. Offer to help and get them squared away. Every person in your circle that you have success with is another person that adds strength to your community. It’s in all our best interest!

The clock is ticking!

[For those of you needing guidance on medical gear, email us and we’ll send you our recommended lists for personal/vehicle/and home kits.]

“It’s better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee