“If Greg Abbott needs more razor wire, I’ll load it into a pickup myself.” – Kristi Noem, Governor, ND

Trump is clearly going to be the Republican nominee for President – the question is: what is the left going to do about it?

The options as I see it:

1. Run Joe Biden in a traditional campaign, touting his record, explaining why no one should vote for Trump, and then let the voters decide.

That’s simply not going to produce a win. It was never even listed on their whiteboard. Every Democrat and Neocon power broker knows Biden is a lost cause as far as votes go. The public, in general, really dislikes him. That will not improve as the year goes on and his angry dementia outbursts increase, prices continue to outpace income, and the border remains open. (…the child sniffing and creepy whispering ain’t helping either!)

2. Dump Biden and run someone else.

That one has some merit, but it’s not going to be enough on its own. Too close to election time, and too late to get people to forget the insanely bad job the present administration has engaged in over the last 3+ years. There’s no one on the Democrat side that will convince MAGA to jump ship – there’s no vote getting policy presentation they can sell that’s not a poor facsimile of what Trump has already done and will do more of. There’s no one Trump won’t eviscerate in a debate. If they had someone that could pull it off, they’d already be in play.

They still might try it due to Biden suffering a major health issue, but that alone won’t produce a win.

3. Continue the lawfare until something sticks, then throw Trump in jail.

This one will continue, regardless – but, the jail part is not going to play well, in my humble opinion. Throwing Trump in jail, especially for made up BS, will ignite violence. Now, that may be something the tyrants can work with, and want, but it is a dangerous game to play. I’m also not convinced there’s any constitutional reason Trump still couldn’t be elected. If so, all jailing will do is garner him more votes. It makes him a martyr.

The lawfare has also hit some major walls in the past couple of weeks. The 14th Amendment challenges have gone nowhere, for the most part. The Colorado and Maine cases will most likely be tossed by SCOTUS, and, the civil trails don’t result in incarceration even if he’s ruled against. Willis’ election tampering case in GA, an actual criminal trial, just blew up in her face. There’s going to have to be something new, and on a major fast track, in order to bring a Trump imprisonment into the realms of possibility before November.

Of course, we can’t count out a frame up; some AI generated video of him strangling someone to death, or worse. But, even then, once the smoke clears, Trump supporters will most likely see it as another Russia Hoax. Just another cheap ploy to ignore while they crawl naked over broken glass in subzero temperatures to reach their polling places. Which brings us to #4…

4. Steal the election, as was accomplished in 2020.

It’s in motion. The problem is that several states have enacted new election laws, removed drop boxes, and cleaned up voter rolls, etc. It’s been far from perfect as far as what’s needed, but it’s actually been enough to thwart their ability to create enough fake ballots to overcome the number Trump is capable of pulling at this time. Especially when combined with the swaths of people switching parties to vote for him, meaning, less actual real Democrat votes.

In 2020, the total number of votes cast outnumbered the total amount of registered voters in the nation. As of now, Trump has accumulated another 10% of the voting public – a number that’s increasing by the day. At the rate Trump is pulling voters from Biden, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump takes all but a few states in the general (in a clean election, that is.) But, even with the cheat engaged, it’s a margin that will be almost impossible to overcome without being so obvious that it causes an ACTUAL insurrection.

Again, that may be something the Marxists are willing to run with. Which brings us to #5…

5. Create a constitutional crisis and delay/cancel the election, and/or transfer of power.

Examples: Biden’s health, a new virus, war, civil unrest, EMP, economic collapse, “alien” invasion, Federal war against the Texas National Guard, etc…

I think a few of us still don’t quite grasp the threat to their power, income, and jail-free lives Trump represents. Round 2 is not going to be like 2016 where they put him on the defensive and sabotaged his administration with infiltrators and turncoats. He’s had a total of 8-years of their abuse at this point, as well as 4 years to form a plan, and should he win, he would have no reason to hold back. Firings, executive orders, declassification, canceled funding, and perhaps even arrests for treason are all on the table. Re-election is not an issue, neither is worrying about reprisal – not at his age.  He’ll have 4 years to clean house with extreme prejudice!

This is not something the machine that assassinated Kennedy (which has grown a 100x bigger since) will simply lay down and allow to happen. So…

6. Murder Trump?

Like many of you, I can’t believe it hasn’t already happened. Just watching him work crowds outdoors in Iowa and New Hampshire this past week was enough to elevate my blood pressure and heart-rate.

Folks, I’m a very small fish in a huge ocean of security professional whales. I don’t claim to be an expert on executive protection or Presidential security – it’s not what I do. However, I do know some people and I hear some things. Trump’s detail is the best in the world – they absolutely know what they are doing, and for that we can all be grateful. That’s not the issue. The issue is that anyone – ANYONE – can be gotten to. Especially with the resources available to the CIA, NSA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6, and a host of other organizations which all consider him a threat to their existence.

Guns, knives, and explosives aren’t even necessary. All it would take is one poisoned handshake.

I’ve heard some express the belief that Trump has divine protection. I couldn’t tell you. My guess is that his death, even if it appeared (or actually was) natural or accidental, would be perceived as intentional by enough people that it would actually open hunting season on politicians, federal agents, judges, and media… …maybe even some corporate types. That might be a reason they haven’t made the move. Another might be because they were waiting to see how the other tactics played out first (including the big push for Haley, who actually may just be hanging around in wait for the move on Trump – that’s a theory I’ve heard more than one commentator mention.) Well, nothing, thus far, seems to be working and they’re running out of time.

Like many of the other potential scenarios listed, Trump’s demise could also end in unrest. This, too, may be something they see as a workable solution.

As their saying goes: Order out of Chaos


I can’t predict the future. Personally. I’m expecting the worst this election cycle. Should it end up uneventful, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. …and thankful! However, I expect there’s nothing that “they” are not only capable of, but are not willing to employ, just to retain power.

Even if the next 10-months simply play out like 2020’s did, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Remember the riots, fires, ammo shortages, shipping problems, bare store shelves, gun sales, etc…? July to November of 2020 was also the busiest training period we ever experienced in our school’s history.

So, word to the wise: stock up, and sign up, early! Our Sturgis calendar for public courses has been posted. We still have a few dates available of private instruction of groups and individuals, but not many – act, now!

Ready or not, here it comes!

“Tonight, I am also making another promise to protect Americans from government tyranny. As your president, I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency.” – Donald Trump, January 18. 2024 [Presidents who directly challenge the central bank rarely fair well.]