On January 22 of this year, Illinois Governor “JB” Pritzker signed the Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today (SAFE-T) Act into law. [Click the link if you’re interested in reading 764 pages.]

The SAFE-T ACT is the latest endeavor by Illinois Marxists to replace the “imperialist, capitalist, racist, sexist, patriarchal colonial system built by the slave labor of minorities”, with a racist, fascist, criminal, economic terror-state built on the slave labor and blood of the middle class.

Many components of the law went into effect on July 1st, a combination of “social justice” fantasies and belligerent anti-police regulations that will only serve to accelerate the exodus of good officers from the profession. [And don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s not one of the goals.]

However, on the criminal prosecution side, the most damaging aspect will be enacted on January 1st of 20the elimination of cash bail when charged with any of the following:

Aggravated Battery [“Aggravated” means use of a weapon]
Drug Induced Homicide
Aggravated DUI
Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding
Most drug offenses
Threatening a Public Official

Judges can no longer require cash bail for those offenses in most cases.

Not only that, on January 1st, those presently being held and awaiting trial for such crimes are also to be released!

Sheriffs around the state are indicating that up to HALF of their jail populations will be walking out the door.

in 3-months 1000’s of violent criminals will be back on the streets, all without a worry about being held in jail when arrested for such heinous  crimes. That is, if what’s remaining of the police dare to arrest them at all!

Happy new year, indeed.