“The free world wants to feed South Africa to the Red Crocodile [communism] to appease its hunger.” – R. W. Botha

Yesterday, a friend contacted me to relate a phone conversation he’d just had with a South African acquaintance – a young woman who is the daughter of a successful businessman.

His report, as follows:

‘Her account of the unrest was far bleaker than the coverage on “the news”.

Earlier in the week, 3 bodies (death by violence) were found in the street in front of the family home; the house being located in an “exclusive” neighborhood, with the standard South African security measures of walls, wire, dogs, surveillance systems, alarms and guns – none of which is deterring rioters and looters anywhere.

The number of deaths is being VASTLY downplayed by media and the government. Her estimate is closer to ONE THOUSAND.

Many of the “vigilante” defensive shootings are not being reported to authorities, and bodies are being “disposed of” for fear of retribution by government and rioters, alike. And most of those doing the shooting are Indian immigrant business and property owners.

The shopping malls in Durban have been looted (most of them burned, as well) while food distribution chains have all but collapsed in the city. Food lines have started to form for what little food is now available. With most grocery stores now piles of smoldering rubble, there is a mass shortage of refrigeration and freezer space, no shelves for stock, and no registers or credit card readers to process payments.

Transportation and distribution has been disrupted to a trickle – with mobs in the streets few are going to work and even less are willing to chance driving trucks into the chaos. A refinery, power plant, and multiple hospitals have been set alight.

Local sporting goods stores were also looted, resulting in 10’s of 1000’s of rounds of ammunition falling into the hands of criminals.

The mass of the unrest has been in Durban (SA’s 3rd largest city, located on the East coast of the nation), as well as suburbs of Johannesburg, and the capital, Pretoria. Thus far, Cape Town, and most of the rest of the nation, have been spared. This, of course, allows for food and medical services to be accessed elsewhere…for now.

The military has activated 25,000 troops to restore order, and that may work. However, the nation’s demise has been on a slow burn since the communist ANC took over decades ago, and those with eyes can see where it inevitably ends.

For her family, the last week was the final straw. Her mother holds dual citizenship with a European country, so they decided to immediately leave South Africa – for good! Their possessions were loaded into shipping containers, they boarded the first flight out, and their properties are now for sale – at least what’s left of them. Their businesses were burnt to the ground two days ago because they were “white owned.”  Oddly enough, the reports now are that over 70% of the businesses destroyed were black owned.

The family is presently safe in her mother’s home country. For how long, who knows? Europe is being deluged with militant Islamic, military age, males disguised as “refugees”, and chaos will eventually become mass scale there, as well. A reality the family also understands.

Her final thought was  – “We escaped this time and we will probably be forced to flee again when Europe falls…but where will we go? America is on the same path. Western civilization is being destroyed. Soon there will be nowhere left to run. Hold on to your guns!”’


Throughout my early education when you opened classic books the publishing offices would be found printed in the first pages. Commonly, each had three locations listed: ‘New York, London, Johannesburg.’ During my youth, South Africa was a nuclear power, and the Rand [national currency] was, for a time, more valuable than the dollar. Their stock exchange rivaled those of New York and London, and the world saw SA as an economic and military superpower.

Over the last two decades I’ve had the opportunity to befriend a dozen+ SA ex-patriots, listen to their stories, and learn some history about the nation. History that, like most nations, is not so simple.

We who live in the present day make a grave error by looking at history through 2021 eyes and applying our own morality to it. History needs to be viewed through the eyes those who lived it. Only then can a proper assessment of past judgement and decision making be founded.

In South Africa’s case, most Americans have little knowledge of it. Most don’t know what a Dutch Afrikaner is, what the Boer Wars were, or what England’s role was in establishing apartheid. We have even less knowledge of the part communism has played in destroying otherwise developing and prospering nations on the continent.

What we are witnessing now in SA is NOT the long-term effect of apartheid. What we are witnessing is the result of curing it with communism.

For we fat-assed Americans who have never known a hungry day in our Iphone/Netflix lives, it would do us well to recognize the pattern. The Marxists/Leftists/Communists are at this moment attempting the same racially based societal destruction here. If you doubt it, all one needs to do is look into the pedigrees of the BLM leadership, as well as the statement they just issued on Cuba. Their endgame is a communist state with a little genocide thrown in for good measure.

And just in case you missed it, this occurred yesterday in Indianapolis.


There is only one solution – for all people to unite under liberty and individual rights. A decent into communism and continued division along racial/tribal lines will end in civil war…then, genocide.

That is the future of South Africa. That is the lesson of history. And that is the road America is on.

“Liberty, not communism, is the most contagious force in the world” – Earl Warren

…One can only hope.