“I’m demanding a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Pass universal background checks. None of this — none of this — I taught the Second Amendment for 12 years. None of this violates the Second Amendment or vilifies responsible gun owners.” – Joe Biden, 3/7/24

JRB delivered his State of the Union Address Thursday evening to the nauseating applause of Congressional leftist/Marxists who cheered in lockstep after every paragraph.

Biden began his speech with an appeal for more funding for Ukraine, which indicates his administration’s priorities which are obviously America last!

He was meet with resistance by some Republican representatives while attempting to pretend his hands are tied regarding the border invasion. Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled out, “say her name” in reference to Laken Riley, the college student viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member.

Joe managed to finally recognize the victim, but, he flubbed and called her Lincoln. So much for his empathy.

He also declared his continuing lust for an “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazine ban.” Justifying it by claiming he knows all about the Second Amendment because he taught it for 12 years. An absolute LIE. He never taught a single college class in his taxpayer/bribe-funded life.

During his speech Gold Star Father, Steve Nikoui, stood up yelling “Abby Gate“, in reference to the Marines murdered during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. His son, Lance Col., Kareen Nikoui, was one of those killed.

The Secret Service arrested and charged him with a misdemeanor. If Biden was in any way human, the charge would be immediately dropped. My guess is that Mr. Nikoui has the “no fly list” to look forward to, instead.

We also learned that US forces will be setting up a “corridor” to provide “humanitarian aid” to Gaza. It’s amazing how our tax dollars are used to provide munitions to one side of a conflict, and then used again to render aid to the other side. It makes one wonder about who the contracts are awarded to and how much the kickbacks are.

We can probably just chalk it up in the same column as JRB giving Iran billions in cash and the Taliban billions in weapons.

In a final bit of ironic gaslighting, the President stoked the fire of class warfare by mentioning taxation and “the rich not paying their fair share” while failing to mention his own son’s indictment for tax evasion – the accusation being failure to pay 1.4-million owed.

The Real Lesson

From now till November, the left will be touting this SOTU as a triumphant achievement akin to the most stellar speeches Churchill or JFK ever presented.

In reality, it was a divisive, venomous, litany of lies, barked out by an angry old man – the substance of which was aimed directly at the left.

That same left is declaring the SOTU as a victory, and they’re correct. The goal was achieved. But, what he said was not the prize, it was that he said it at all. Meaning, he was able to (at least reasonably) stand up for an hour and speak. That was the in-house point of it all – to “prove” he’s not a dementia patient.

There the bar was set – mission accomplished! The left will now rally around him and engage their machine. We’re already seeing it.

As much as many of us recognize him as a hollow, Adderall-infused puppet that can’t be taken seriously, we actually need to take this seriously.

This speech was not about the Union, or any issues facing the nation. It was the final test of Democratic party unity and allegiance towards Biden. He performed, so now they will take it to the mountain. His buffoonery is moot – he’s the official vessel of their retention of power. The fight is on!

And while we sit idly waiting to point and laugh at his next gaffe, they will be organizing their ground troops to stuff drop boxes, their media lap dogs to run a full court press of lies, and their corrupt lawyers and judges to lay waste to our candidates and cases.

Their commandos are taking the bridges and airstrips while we still haven’t figured we’re at war.

Polls and rally attendance are not a bell weather of success in November. All it represents is how much harder the left will work to drag Biden’s rotting carcass across the goal line – in other words, how hard they have to cheat. And don’t think for a second they aren’t up for the challenge!

Department of Justice Chief, Merrick Garland, said in a speech last week that laws against drop boxes and laws for voter ID (among others) are precisely what his Justice Department has been fighting against. He openly admitted his assigned task.

The same Justice Department that would require government issued ID to enter their buildings is telling us that requiring ID to vote in an American election is racist.

Presently, they are barely keeping up the pretenses of justice because they don’t quite have the election in the bag. …yet.

When they “win”, imagine this same Justice Department with the gloves off. Imagine the January 6th protestors treatment, the raid on Mar A Lago, the Amish farmer arrests for selling raw milk, and all the two-tiered justice actions that have occurred over the last 4 years by Soros funded prosecutors. Then, add 70,000 new IRS agents, a digital surveillance state, and multiply it by “we now answer to no one!

It seems like the least any of us can do is show up to vote. But, how about getting a few people registered, volunteering as poll watchers, or taking off work election day to give friends and neighbors a ride to polls? Democrats in Chicago have had that game down since the 40’s. They arrange for buses…even police cars. Last election they were paying for Ubers. The only way to beat the cheat is to overwhelm it. That’s our only play.

It’s been a historical constant that whatever tyrants blame others for is exactly what they are guilty of. Well, Biden keeps telling us that failure to elect him will result in dictatorship and the end of democracy.

There’s the plan.

Now, how many of us can be bothered to try and stop it?

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” – Samuel Adams