“In the film, you see [Mira Sorvino’s character] say to me on the phone, ‘You quit your job and rescue those kids.’ What [my wife] really said to me, ’cause they didn’t want to make me look like the coward that I was, because I was like, ‘I’m coming home. I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna be part of this,’ and she said to me, very sternly, ‘I will not let you jeopardize my salvation by not doing this.” – Tim Ballard

Today I attended a
showing of the film The Sound of Freedom, the true story of Tim Ballard (former DHS agent) and his efforts to save child victims of human trafficking.

Outstanding acting, and the cinematography was superb. However, it was the content that stood out.

There were multiple occasions during the film that I had to force myself to take a breath and maintain my composure. This movie affects you on a different level.

Every adult needs to see it. I say adult not because the film contained nudity, or foul language – it didn’t. It’s actually rated PG-13. However, it is absolutely disturbing to anyone with a heart, soul, or conscience. My suggestion is for parents to view it before they allow their teens to see it. Not only due to the content, but, so parents can have their own moments watching the film without the distraction of worrying about how their children might be absorbing it.

It’s an extremely personal experience, deserving of one’s undivided attention.

Child Trafficking

100,000 American children go missing EVERY YEAR which are trafficked for prostitution and to pedophiles. That is a staggering number once one considers how many times a child can be abused once slated for such.

It’s difficult to fathom the demand.

It’s a cancer inflicting our nation that is roundly ignored by politicians and legacy media. …and that should prompt the question why.

– Why has the DOJ made it a priority to destroy conservatives and ignore the Epstein client list?

– Why has the border, where 10’s of thousands of children and adult sex slaves are smuggled across monthly, not been secured?

– Why are public schools going to such great lengths sexualize children?

– Why is the trans movement pushing drag shows on kids?

– Why is the LGBTQ+ movement pushing the idea that children can consent to puberty blockers and genital mutilation?

– Why is there an effort to convert the word pedophile (criminal) to Minor Attracted Persons (marginalized group which must be protected?)

It’s all connected, and pure evil.

What we’re failing to understand, here, is that physical abductions dwarf mental abductions.

All the world’s children are constantly being inundated with sexualization while most parents are unaware. Schools, Disney, libraries, TicTok and 100’s other internet sites are exposing kids to thoughts and practices that are grooming them for sexual purposes.

It’s mind control.

When the mind is conquered, the body follows. Once they own the minds, they will take the bodies – and at the present rate it will occur in one generation.

This past June was “pride month”, and it was filled with parades nationwide where naked men were applauded for exposing themselves to children on city streets. Men in bondage gear walking each other on leashes, twerking, and performing all manner of acts that no child should view. Yet, there were 1000’s of parents present, with their kids, all cheering it on.

Pride parades are not, and have never been, about “rights” in the conventional sense. If they were simply about ending discrimination, those in the LGBTQ community would march in their best clothes while exhibiting civil behavior, holding signs absent of profanity. They would mimic the civil rights marches Dr. King organized, and focus on being seen as humans with the same rights as everyone else. That I would support.

But, that’s not what participants gravitate towards. No, pride parades are all about sexual acts and behaviors – it’s a public bacchanalia with intent to desensitize.

This is no longer about teaching kids not to get into cars with strangers, this is about protecting and defending them from an institutionalized attack on their innocence. Parents must become fully involved in not only everything their children digitally consume, but directly with their education.

Homeschool or private school – if that is impossible, school board meetings and organizing other parents to combat the onslaught.

If we’re not willing to step up and be counted on this, then our nation deserves what it gets. Which will be a straight shot to Hell in a lighter fluid suit.

“How do you forgive the people who are supposed to protect you?”
― Courtney Summers, Sadie