6-months ago our nation was enjoying the best economy in its history.

3-months ago we were being played by China, the WHO, the CDC, and leftist governors and mayors into destroying that economy.

Two weeks ago, every major city experienced rioting, looting, and general civil unrest. Again, leftist mayors and governors did little to stop it.

Today, ANTIFA terrorists have taken over a 6-block area of Seattle and established what they are calling The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “CHAZ.”

CHAZ has been declared a “police-free” area, and to confirm that, Seattle police abandoned the East Precinct building.  Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is gleefully going along with the seizure of public and private property by armed communists, referring to it as a block party.

The CHAZ is full of the usual vegan-all-you-need-is-love-soy-milk-pay-me-for-my-art-even-if-it-sucks-types, as well as the typical power-hungry commie thugs ever present during similar events throughout history.  The armed black shirts, of course, are becoming exactly what they claim the police were – that is, violent bullies on a power trip. They now mimic the “puppies” characters from Orwell’s Animal Farm. The irony being that it’s doubtful any of them have read it.

We have a communist revolution taking place – run by, and attended by, useful idiots who have never known a hungry day in their IPhone lives. And they throw Molotovs without knowing who Molotov even was.

This is all occurring because of the “white cop murdered a black suspect” in Minnesota narrative.

…and, about that.

Today there are rumblings throughout police circles that there is far more to the story than any of us could have imagined. Rumors of police corruption, a human trafficking and counterfeit money operation, and a working relationship in that operation between the deceased and the officer.

Personally, the sources I’m hearing this from are people I trust, but l’m still perfectly fine allowing investigations to play out, and I’ll admit I was misinformed, and apologize, should that not end up being the case.

However, what if it is true?

What if Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd to protect a criminal enterprise they were both parties to?

How does that square with riots, looting, a movement to eliminate police around the nation, masses of corporations issuing BLM statements, Lego pulling advertising for police-based toys, Gone With the Wind being pulled by HBO, the TV show COPS being canceled, people losing jobs and being “canceled” because they dare question the narrative, and a communist takeover of 6 square blocks of Seattle?

How, pray tell, would that scenario be indicative of “systemic racism” that requires the dismantling of police departments from coast-to-coast?

Ask yourself where this army of protestors materialized from, and where they’re securing funding.

Who is behind this?

Ask yourself why there were BLM marches in SINGAPORE. Why is anyone in Singapore even remotely concerned with a police brutality case in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

At what point will we finally catch on to how dangerous this mob is, and how we are all being manipulated?

And even if we do catch on, do we think leftists will stop? This is an election year, and we’ll still have to navigate this mess through the coming months.

So, my advice is this:

1. The mob is ALWAYS wrong. Even when right in subject, they are wrong in application. Due process is one of the cornerstones of civilization. The mob undermines that foundation.

Don’t join the mob! Not in the street, and not on social media. Think for yourself. Gather information before you take a stance. Be the adult in the room!

2. Ready yourself for more civil unrest through the following:


– If you are lacking in firearms, holsters, optics, magazines, ammunition, accessories, etc., get them NOW. Yes, you may pay a premium due to demand, but from now until the election day expect a bumpy ride.
– Carry OC spray at all times.
– If you’ve put off acquiring a carry permit start the process TODAY.  As we saw with the virus hype, offices in charge of such things were either closed, or busy with other tasks. Take advantage of the present reopening.
– That alarm system, 3M window film, upgraded security door, brushguard for the truck, vehicle weapon safe, body armor, blades, NVG’s – whatever you’ve been neglecting – there is no better time than now!
– YOU NEED TRAINING, both with handguns and long guns. YOU! NEED! TRAINING!

For those having trouble finding ammunition, Super Vel is still offering defensive rounds as well as factory re-manufactured .223 and 9mm, all at pre-crisis prices. Use discount code: DTI2020

For those looking for defensive blades, the discount code for Hoffners.com is: SHARPE


– All of us should have a compact wound treatment kit on our person at all times.
– Every vehicle should have a major trauma kit in it with enough supplies to treat multiple casualties.
– Every member of the family should be trained and familiarized with the Israeli Battle Dressing, as well as tourniquet application.
– Your home kit should be massive, extending far past wound treatment. Splints, blood pressure cuff, pulse/ox meter, curlex, eye care, tooth care, basic meds, etc…

If you need anything from North American Rescue or Performance Systems, contact me and we can help you with a discount.


– At least 3 months supply at home. Right now many storage food providers are backlogged – you may have to settle on canned goods and peanut butter, but get stocked up while supply chains and stores are semi-normal.
– Don’t forget food for your pets!


– Short range comms are a must! Decent handheld walkies can be had for $40-60 on Amazon. Remember to get spare batteries and the accessories for charging in your vehicle.  Consult with like minded neighbors and get a network of radios set up.

– Some of you may want to research purchasing a satellite phone. They are pricey, but invaluable if cell service goes down in your area.

Go Bags

– I’m more of a fan of the term “get home bags” as that’s what most of us would use them for. So, all vehicles should have one for each member of the family. If you commute to work with others, or through Uber, bus, train, etc., you should have one stashed at work.

In it: proper footwear, eye protection, gloves, first aid, flashlight, headlamp, and batteries, 3-days food, portable battery charger/cell, socks and underwear, toiletries, knife, pen and notebook, water (bottles or canteen), and anything else you think you’ll need. You can always subtract if it gets to heavy to carry – adding what you need during a crisis/evacuation is much more difficult.


– All needed repairs should be immediately attended to.
– If your vehicle does not have a full size spare, get one, and at least keep it in your garage.
– Never let your fuel tank get below half. Fill up every chance you get.  Keep spare fuel on hand as is safe to do so.
– Your car should have a fire extinguisher in it, preferably where the driver can access it.


– Door locks, doors, hinges windows, etc., should all be upgraded as best you can. Consult a professional locksmith or carpenter for advice.
– Outdoor lighting should be installed with switch controlling from inside the home.
– Back up generators are a great idea. However, consider how they will be secured and protected from vandalism and gunshots.
– As mentioned above, look into 3M Impact protection for your home’s windows.
– Smoke detectors should be function checked, batteries should be new.
– Fire extinguishers! I have them in multiple places in my home. Kitchen, basement, garage, each bathroom, etc., however, those are all 2.5 lb (smaller) extinguishers. Those work fine for a stove or appliance fire. I suggest that we all have at least one 5lb (or larger) in the event a flaming bottle of diesel fuel comes crashing through your window.
– Keep shoes, phone charging, flashlight, etc., by bed at night.

Practical Notes

– Major metro areas are a powder keg. All of us would be well advised to avoid them as much as possible.
– Your firearms are your business – no one else’s. Guns should be concealed. All guns not worn concealed should be transported in low profile containers such as those manufactured by Sneaky Bags.
– Do not leave the house unarmed! And while at home, wear your guns!
– Your family needs plans for home invasion, fire, medical emergency, power outage, tornado/storm, and how to collect each other in the event of emergency while not at home.
– Know where your family is, check in at designated times.
– Keep your preparations to yourself. It’s called Operational Security, or OPSEC. Practice it!
– Don’t go into debt over preparations, but, if you can afford it, do it!

Time is ticking…