Note from a friend and student:

“I just read your recent blog…How close do you think we are to a civil war?”

We’re already in a civil war. The real question is: When will it go hot and how far will it spread?

My answer is: I don’t know.

My instincts are telling me to be ready for a localized limited skirmish wherever I happen to be at any given time, and I travel accordingly. I don’t see anything occurring on a national scale or for any prolonged time. However, that doesn’t mean people won’t get hurt, or die.

I don’t see people in Fargo, ND, being even close to the same threat level as those living in Seattle or Atlanta, LA, NYC, or Chicago. This seems to be more of a “populated metro areas of blue states” thing, than a North vs South Civil War event.

And, more importantly, right now the US Military is siding with law, order, POTUS and a peaceful Union. Even 30,000 armed ANTIFA/Communists are not going to accomplish a whole lot other than to make a big mess that no one will appreciate.  But, they don’t seem to have those numbers or the willingness to take it to the mountain.  And, after looking at their pitiful commune display in Seattle, let’s just say I’m less than impressed with their skills.

However, I’m not specifically concerned about ANTIFA or even violent protests in general. Yes, they are an issue, and something many of us will have to work around, but I don’t see that as our biggest threat.

I’m of the opinion that there is a bigger war afoot. I think the establishment (leftists, RHINOs, WHO, UN, Federal Reserve, China, NATO, media, corrupt three letter agency people, militant Islam, etc…) are pulling out all the stops to remove Trump in November. I think they collectively see he, and his supporters, as a threat to their machinations. Because of that, and what we’ve witnessed in the past 3 years, I’m not sure there is much they won’t stop at to assure that outcome.

I certainly, and sincerely, hope I’m wrong.

But, just in case, now would be a good time to hone your rifle skills – we’ll be in Sturgis, MI, July 11/12 doing exactly that.

Join us.