Level II Rifle picks up where Level I left off, with emphasis on running your rifle one-handed and support-side. As running the rifle becomes second nature, drill focus more on problem solving and pushing the operator’s envelope of accuracy and speed.

We attempt to provide a staff member for every 2-3 students to provide the most personal instruction experience possible. If requested, a female instructor will be available to assist any female students.

  • Required student skill level: Completion of the Fortress Level I Pistol Course, or equivalent pistol course, as well as Level I Rifle.
  • Equipment required: Functional magazine fed, semi-automatic rifle with sling, pistol with proper holster, magazine or speedloader carrier for pistol.
  • Ammunition requirements: 1o00 rounds for rifle, 200 rounds for pistol.
  • Duration: Two full days

Teaching Points Include:

  • Gun handling and range safety
  • Practical application philosophies of the rifle for self defense
  • Movement
  • Cover/Concealment
  • Zeroing
  • One-handed reloading techniques
  • One-handed stoppage reductions
  • Shooting positions while injured
  • Support side shooting/one handed support side shooting.
  • Engagement of targets from one to 100-yards
  • Contact shots
  • Transition to handgun/transition to handgun while injured.
  • Hostage situations
  • Weapons retention
  • Using the rifle as an impact weapon

We will travel to you and train your group on your personal range or at a range in your locality which meets our requirements. If range facilities allow, a night shoot will be scheduled, as well.

Contact us for scheduling and pricing.

Firearms and equipment can be provided for rent with advance notice.