“I was not looking for any glory or rewards as I felt my reward was one dead sniper.” – Ramiro “Ray” Martinez

August 1, 1966, Austin, Texas – Former Marine, Charles Whitman, stabs his mother and wife to death in two separate locations.

The same day, Austin police officer Ramiro “Ray” Martinez was at home tending to his twin daughters and preparing for his 3 to 11pm shift.

Before noon, Whitman makes his way to the observation deck of the University of Texas clock tower and begins to open fire on passersby below. Reports of the active sniper are quickly conveyed through local TV and radio stations.

Martinez phones his precinct and is told to immediately report to the University to “direct traffic.”

He quickly donned his uniform and jumped into his personal car. A neighbor, upon seeing him backing out of the driveway, yells, “Go get him, tiger!”

En route, Martinez witnessed a lieutenant and sergeant from his department driving in the opposite direction. He also pulled up at a stop light next to a sergeant/detective who reported that he’d heard a fellow officer had been shot by Whitman, but, appeared unconcerned about what was transpiring and looked to be in no hurry to assist. Martinez left him in his dust, racing to the scene.

It was chaos upon arrival. Citizens and police alike were pinned down behind trees and vehicles. Ambulance and police sirens wailed. Some local residents had been able to run to their nearby homes and retrieve rifles – they were attempting to return fire. Dead and wounded were laying everywhere.

Officers at that time were not carrying radios; Martienz had no way of communicating with anyone present. He started making his way to the tower entrance, pausing to take cover behind a statue of Jefferson Davis, where on the ground at his feet was a pool of blood where Officer Bill Speed had been shot. [That same statue was removed in 2015 by the woke mob.]

Martinez dashed to the tower entrance and made his way in. He was greeted by a UT security guard, a fellow officer, and an armed citizen, Alan Crum. After trying to gather intel to no avail, he decided he would make his way up to assist the officers who, in his own words, “surely would be in the tower planning an attack on the sniper.”

Martinez took the elevator up to the 20 floor. Speed and Crum had ridden up a minute before, and the three of them began securing that floor, helping tourists and wounded on to the elevator.

Access to Witman required traversing a stairway, and Martinez, realizing he was the only one to do it, started moving to the stairs. Crum asked him where he was going, and he replied “up”. The citizen replied, “You aren’t going alone.” And without even knowing each other’s names, the two of them covered each other and began the climb, walking past multiple dead and wounded, stepping through their blood.

At the top of the stairs of the observation deck, they pushed their way through a barricaded door, and Martinez split off from Crum, telling him to stay put and cover the door. He then made his way around the observation deck where he came in contact with fellow officer, Houston McCoy, armed with a shotgun and pinned down.

Martinez peeked out from behind cover, saw Witman, and fired, striking him in his left side. Whitman spun around, rifle in hand. Martinez advanced while firing, yelling to McCoy to shoot. McCoy discharged his shotgun, also striking Whitman. Martinez’s revolver ran empty, and he snatched the shotgun from McCoy’s hands, fired, hitting Whitman once more before he struck the ground.

Total victims at the UT campus, 17 dead, including an unborn child. 31 wounded.

May 24, 2022, Uvlade, Texas – 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos shoots his grandmother (she survived), and drives to the Robb Elementary School, where he enters through a door left propped open by a teacher, and begins shooting children and adults.

Police enter the building 4 minutes after Ramos and come under fire. They retreat, declare it a “barricade situation”, where they waited for 48-minutes before attempting to enter the room Ramos locked himself in. Eventually, members of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) took the demon out. [If the accounts I’m hearing from contacts prove true, there are two BORTAC agents that are absolute heroes.]

Conflicting reports and timelines have been the only constant from local law enforcement spokespersons, thus far. The CYA is palpable. We may never know what really happened or who made what decisions.

What we do know is that someone issued an order not to engage a murdering sociopath who had his gun pointed at children, and while other children at the mercy of that sociopath were bleeding to death, and while other children in were frantically calling 911 and begging for help, and while Ramos continued to occasionally fire and continue murder children. We know that decision was made for “officer safety.” And we know all officers present complied.

We also know that on May 24, 2022, there were no Officer Ray Martinez’s present in Uvlade, Texas, for at least 50 minutes.

Total dead – 22
Wounded – 18
Vast majority were 10 years old.


When action is required and you choose to take it, there is a chance you could fail.
When action is required and you choose not to take it, you are most certainly a failure.