“A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body” – Joe Biden

We’ve learned much about the events in Uvlade, TX, since the murder spree occurred, but it’s only created more questions.

Perhaps answers will be forthcoming at some point…like, a year from now, buried in some report no one will read.

In the meantime, Marxist politicians have seized on the events and initiated a full court press on implementation of tyrannical, unconstitutional gun control laws.

This week we heard cries for raising the age to buy a rifle to 21, magazine capacity limits, purchase limits, red flag laws, and bans on Assault Rifles.

Since the term “Assault Rifle” was introduced into the political lexicon, no one trying to ban one has ever been able to define it. Much like how today no one on the left can define what a woman is. We’re just suppose to accept whatever they say no matter how absurd! Not doing so means we’re a racist/bigot/misogynist/terrorist/Nazi-whatever who dances in the blood of dead school children.

For the past 100-years the pro-liberty side has assumed the left was arguing in good faith. That they welcomed proper debate under Oxford Rules and would listen to logic and reason.

Oh, how we assumed wrong!

We’re trying to apply civility and rules to battle akin to a meth-fueled biker fight. The left has no qualms about going scorched earth to achieve their goals – and they’ve always been that way.

From the Bolsheviks to the Khmer Rouge, to the Weather Underground to BLM and ANTIFA, Communists always have a rabid mob in their pocket ready to set cities alight…and stack bodies Killing Fields proper when the opposition requires “neutralization.”

We’re trying to calmly explain statistics when they are literally and figuratively swinging tire irons at our heads.

A year and a half after a stolen election, we’re patiently waiting for investigations into voter fraud to conclude while our economy, military, and children are being decimated by an illegitimate administration.

No matter what, we’re still people of character – we have a moral code. We’ll continue to act civil and we won’t stoop to their level. However, it’s also far past time to stop pretending our nemesis is receptive – they are not. Arguing with them is futile – and that’s fine, because we no longer have to!

The masses of the nation – those just trying to make a living, pay their bills, and raise their children – those that generally don’t pay attention to politics – are waking up in droves to the Marxist agenda we’re being subjected to. And it’s because the left has bit off more than they can chew.

Too much, too fast. And it is pissing people off.

Inflation, gas prices, baby formula shortages, crime, public schools telling 2nd graders they can change their gender – it’s all adding up to a massive shift to the right!

It’s no longer just us trying to sound off to neighbors at a birthday party about leftist policy while they look at us like we’re crazy. Those neighbors are now coming to us and sharing concerns. Everyone I know has story after story of conversations they’ve had with coworkers, friends, family, and strangers about the destructive path the nation is on.

This is an amazing sight to behold!

And the left thinks they can sell gun control, right now – well, the left HAS to sell gun control right now. It’s their last chance.

Post November midterms they will no longer possess any power to do so. They have to make their move in order to be in line with the anti-gun agenda being touted by the Soros’ and World Economic Forum-types who are pushing for their “Great Reset”, and which large amounts of the world’s population are presently rebelling against.

The ridiculous COVID lock downs didn’t work. Vaccine mandates didn’t work. Monkey pox isn’t working. Ukraine isn’t working. All that’s left is force. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” is their mantra – and that simply won’t fly in the U.S.

What is literally standing in the way of a complete world police state is private ownership of small arms in America.

Good news for us is that there are two guns here for every man, woman, and child. Confiscation is an impossibility. On the low end of estimation, there are 20 million AR15’s in the US. We can safely assume there are at least 20-million magazines to go with them. Trying to estimate the actual number of 30 and 20 round AR mags in circulation is an impossible task. Just to play it completely and unrealistically safe, say there are 10 for every rifle – that puts us at 200 million, but I would guess it’s a least a half billion.

How many FAL’s, M1 Garands, Robinsons, SCARs, Mini-14s, M1As, 30-Carbines, Styers, HKs, CETMEs, etc., there are is anyone’s guess. Magazines for those…again, who knows?

No doubt, the US has enough battle rifles in the hands of its citizenry to outfit a 40-million-man army!

…and that’s not counting bolt action rifles., shotguns, and handguns, or the 200,000 class 3 pieces on the NFA registry.

And what about ammunition…?

Even at a measly 10-rounds on the shelf per gun, and even at the low estimate of 400-million guns in the US, we’re looking at 4-billion rounds of ammunition in circulation. Of course, I know what my stores look like, as well as all my friends. There’s enough ammunition, here, to supply a decade of war.

Logistically, gun control is simply an impossible task in America.

But, and here’s the really great part, gun control has completely lost support of the masses. And that’s specifically due to the left over playing their hand for the last 5 years. Setting cities on fire, politically prosecuting obvious cases of self-defense, de-funding police, implementing no cash bail, releasing rapists and murderers from jail, leaving the border wide open and coddling foreign criminals, pulling out of Afghanistan with no plan and leaving 80-billion in weapons in the hands of terrorist, and recently sending 40-billion to Ukraine to allegedly fund small arms purchases so their population can fight Russia while simultaneously trying to tell us there’s nothing our “pitiful” rifles can do against a modern military, has not helped their case.

Nope – the majority isn’t having the lecture.

In fact, every time they clamor for restrictions there’s another mad rush to clear the shelves of every black rifle, magazine, and round of ammunition available. And that is exactly what is happening right now…again. I’m already seeing purchase amount limits placed on magazines by on-line retailers.

In a couple of months sales data for June will be published – I think we’ll see another record set…or, close.

My pessimistic side tells me that anything is possible right now legislatively, and that there is probably another horrid tragedy waiting in the wings to fuel the congressional anti-gun fire. However, my realist side is in conflict. I just don’t see any meaningful new laws getting through the Senate.

Time will tell.

As for those suddenly coming to the realization that they need to buy a proper defensive rifle – Good luck! This week, you’ll pay retail, and it will be for whatever is left after the past few day’s mad rush.

Buying during a panic has never been prudent. Those who have been taking our advice over the years should already be squared away. The idea is to be ahead of the crowd.

Maybe food should be a priority, now…ya know, before the rush.

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” – Alfred Henry Lewis, 1906