“Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster” – Jim Wallis


Last night a young man put his car into the ditch in front of me striking a phone pole head on. His airbag saved him.

Being that we were in a rural area, it took 10 minutes for EMS to arrive, leaving ME as the FIRST RESPONDER.

I stared talking to him to assess his faculties while checking him head to toe with my flashlight – He’d sustained two minor cuts, one above his eye and one his scalp, and the application of and Israeli Battle Dressing took care of those.

He was able to move under his own power, so I guided him away from the vehicle as the area wasn’t safe due to the power lines now hanging 12-feet off the center line of the road. I then set out flares and blocked off traffic in both directions.

I talked with him and checked his eyes until the ambulance and police arrived. Once EMS was there I excused myself and got out of their way.

(Side note: The responding Will County officer was great! Asked the right questions and was genuinely grateful for the help. He immediately called for assistance to block the road and get ComEd there for the power lines. It was dark and I wish I’d been able to get his name, but as most of you know these situations move fast – so, *salute* to that great officer! I’ll be making a call to the Sheriff later today to make sure he receives recognition for his outstanding professionalism!)


I’m not telling all of you this to make it about me – it’s not! It’s about ALL OF US!

When we least expect it, we’re elected – and we can sink or swim. This minor event (along with the major event in France) serves as a reminder that we need to have our act together BEFORE the emergency!

Secure this list immediately:

-Training : medical, defense, emergency response, etc…

-Medical kits : Wound and burn treatment. An Israeli Battle Dressing in every vehicle, range bag, gym bag, and desk drawer – as well as one on our person at all times.

-Emergency vehicle equipment: Jumper cables, tow straps, flares, blankets, tools, pry bars, etc…

-Flashlights: On our person, in our vehicles, multiple places in our homes. High quality, high lumen lights, with spare batteries at hand.

-Blades: One is good, two is better. Fixed blades or blades that have assisted open to allow for one handed deployment. Blades should be sharp and of a high quality.

-Firearms: Personal defensive pistols on our person, long guns in the trunk. At least one spare magazine for each pistol on your person, at least 3 spare mags for the rifle in the trunk.

-Create an emergency plan with your family NOW: What you will do in the event you are all at home. What you will do in the event you are all out in public together. And what you will do if you’re at separate locations.

Lastly, reevaluate your life and prioritize. Figure out who you do and don’t need as “friends.” Assess the choices you make regarding the places you go and who who spend time with. Eliminate dependencies and addictions – whether it be chemical, food, etc… And get yourself in shape!

Ready or not, here it comes!


“Zombieland Survival Rule #1: CARDIO!”