The only way you can have too much ammo is if your drowning or on fire. – Instructor extraordinaire, Police Chief Jeff Chudwin (Ret.)

Consider, if you will, on November 8th Hillary Clinton is elected president, Republicans lose the House and Senate, and during the next 4 years, 3 to 4 anti-gun SCOTUS Justices are appointed to the bench. A nightmare for supporters of the entire Bill of Rights, but quite plausible at this juncture.

I was working in a gun shop when the ’94 ban passed. Many don’t remember but the USAS12 and Street Sweeper shotguns were then re-designated as NFA weapons. Ridiculous as that was and is, I would not be surprised to see a Democrat President and Congress legislate all AR15’s (and perhaps all auto-loading rifles) as NFA weapons, with SCOTUS eventually upholding it as “Constitutional.”

There’s no telling what might be proposed and passed. Anything from magazine capacity restrictions to bans on hollow points – just use your imagination.

Yes, we still have a month till the election, and I couldn’t begin to predict the outcome of this circus. But, what I’ve outlined above is the second to worst outcome, and the most plausible of the “doomsday” scenarios – The #1 worst outcome being an outright ban or confiscation, but that requires logistics and cooperation that is simply not within the realms of possibility as it stands today. If Republicans can keep a majority in Congress, we’ll be left with the same “gun control” stalemate Obama has had for the majority of his tenure, but we’ll still be left with the SCOTUS issue which could easily end as a “compromise”, appointing “moderate” Justices that assure future anti-gun rulings.

I’ve never been sorry I had guns in the safe or ammunition on the shelf – Every single gun, and every single round, would cost me more to replace today than it did the day I bought it. And my advice, to those willing to heed it, is as follows:

If you can afford it, buy it now.

Focus should be on securing military pattern rifles and standard capacity magazines. Secondary focus should be ammunition – especially high performance hollow points.

At least one rifle per family member, and 20-magazines per rifle. If you have less than 5000-rounds of rifle ammunition per rifle, you don’t have enough for proper training and practice while riding out the storm, and you certainly don’t have enough to pass on to your children.

Another consideration (and I’m not a lawyer) is consulting with an attorney regarding a firearms trust. As gun owners, we need to think long term. Over the past 10-years we’ve made massive advances with court cases, carry laws, and public opinion, but, as generations pass and demographics change, there is no guarantee your children or grandchildren will enjoy the same rights we possess today. A trust may prevent confiscation or destruction should future legislation prevent transfer to your children upon your death.

Whatever you think you need to do, time is of the essence – Don’t wait!

“If you choose to not deal with an issue,
then you give up your right of control over the issue
and it will select the path of least resistance.” ― Susan Del Gatto