“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…”  H. L. Mencken


I’ve done my best to keep politics out of my blog posts as much as possible over the years, but as they say, you can ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore you. Of course, it’s inevitable that I will comment from time-to-time considering how politicized firearms are, and as I get older I really don’t care anymore who takes issue with my opinions. So, with a few days till the election, I’m going to go out on a limb and make a few statements.

First, my personal “political” philosophies break down to a few simple principles:

1 – No one may deprive another of life, limb, liberty, or property. In other words: feel free to do what you will as long as you don’t get any on anyone else.

2 – It’s never moral to steal, no matter how good your intentions. That includes 50.1% voting to tax the other 49.9%, or even 99.9% voting to tax .01%.

3 – Forcing your will on others is immoral. Force may only be applied as defense form a person or group attempting to deprive you of life, limb, liberty, or property.

Pretty simple, huh? …and textbook Libertarian.

Of course, the devil is always in the details, and practical application in the real world when dealing with the majority of human beings always leaves me less than impressed – and what I mean by that is: Most people are simpletons who are not interested in liberty, or respecting the lives and property of others. I don’t say that with elitist intent, I’m just being pragmatic. Individuals are great; I know and love many of them. But, as a group, people are a constant disappointment – to me, at least.

My apathy towards politics and voting reached its apex a few years back. Much of my attitude came from years of reading, research, and study of a rigged system that continued to reward laziness and criminality while celebrating ignorance. As I became worn out from the grind of voting for the lesser of two evils each election, and when voting switched from paper ballots with receipts to easily hacked electronic means with no record of chain of custody, I pretty much concluded that voting was an exercise in futility. In fact, doing so is actually encouragement to a controlled system that laughs at us every time we enter the booth.

I figured that the odds of any of that changing in my lifetime were about the same as John Wilkes Booth reanimating and replacing Steven Tyler in Aerosmith, and I began living accordingly.

…but, then came election 2016.

Last year when the first real Trump rumblings began, I was on a training road trip with a few of the other Fortress Staff Instructors, and the question was posed: What do you think about Trump?

My response: Well, if I can suspend reality long enough to forget about vote fraud, I think, if he is for real and not a shill put in place by power brokers to help Hillary win, he represents a monkey wrench to the system – A system that is in dire need of a monkey wrench. His election might end in thermonuclear war, but everything is so broken, I’m willing to risk it.

And we all had a laugh. …and then it got quiet while the ramifications were pondered.


Having suffered 40 years of Clinton criminal activity, I was not wagering on anything other than a complete Goldman-Sachs steamroll of Hillary into the White House. Trump, was, at least to me, a novelty. An annoyance to the system, no doubt, but I never expected it to amount to a whole lot.

Enter Wikileaks.

Julian Assange has confirmed my suspicions, and much of what the “conspiracy theorists” and Trump have been claiming all along. That the elections are rigged, the media is in cahoots with the “chosen” candidate, the polls are rigged, Federal Agencies are corrupt from the top down, and the Clinton’s are criminal traitors.

Along with it, Huma’s estranged husband, Anthony Wiener, finds himself under investigation by a New York field office of the FBI, along with NYPD and the NY State Police, for sexting a 15-year-old girl. They search his residence and find a laptop, as well as other devices, that have not only the 33,000 emails Clinton had Bleach Bited off her server, but over a half million more. And the rumors coming out of NYPD are that some of the material in the folders contain evidence of crimes that Bill, Hillary, and a number of other government officials, have engaged in that are far more despicable than money laundering, fraud, election rigging, weapons sales, the creation of ISIS, and treason. What’s worse than that? …I’m staying away from that subject until (or if) its officially released.

This discovery, combined with the mutiny Comey is dealing with at the FBI, forced him to re-open the investigation on Clinton. Most likely so he can avoid jail time for obstruction of justice. Meanwhile, a long dormant Twitter account from the FBI reactivated and started releasing documents from past investigations on Bill Clinton. There appears to be a civil war occurring in the FBI, and I applaud the good agents taking a stand. There seems to be a few patriots left!

Granted, the investigation will have barely begun by next Tuesday, and there’s still a decent chance Hillary will be elected. However, there are two wildcards in play – One is Assange, and he has promised a “Phase 3” of releases that will result in her arrest (we’ll see.) And, two, is that a large amount of Americans suddenly care about election rigging and are watching this one like a hawk.

The admittedly slanted polls have experienced a massive swing for Trump that even CNN can’t ignore, the early voting lines are stretching around the block, and Trump rallies are drawing 1000’s while Hillary is still trying to blame Russia and convince people that Trump is a big meanie. Obama claimed in North Carolina that Trump is ok with, and endorsed by, the KKK. Hillary asked her audience yesterday if they were “OK with Donald Trump in charge of the Department of Justice?” I think what she meant to say was: Who’s going to cover up my criminal actions and treason when I don’t control the Department of Justice?

The Clinton campaign is in melt-down, grasping at straws.

But what about Gary Johnson?“, you might ask. I’m not sure the Libertarian party could have picked a worse candidate to run during an election that offered a perfect storm of voter dissatisfaction with the two major parties. I find him to be a loser of epic proportions who hasn’t a clue what he’s getting himself into. His running mate, Weld, has never seen a gun law he didn’t like, and a few days ago expressed his confidence in Hillary’s character. I’m out.

Personally, I find little that is redeeming about Donald Trump. He rarely mentions the Constitution, and I find his potential that of Mussolini. But, one thing I’m 98% sure of is he is not a traitor. I’m also sure the establishment hates him. And I’m 100% sure he won’t pardon Hillary Clinton.

So, like a kid on Christmas Eve hoping for that new Schwinn bike, I’m an adult hoping for that monkey wrench on November 8th. There’s an opportunity here that none of us will see for the rest of our lives – perhaps, for once, humanity won’t let me down.