Ask Fortress: Drop Safe?

  Q: Frank, could you address the idea that guns just go off? On the news they say, 'the gun accidentally went off.' I would love to post something from an expert debunking this scary thought! A: First, I hardly would refer to myself as an "expert." Dan Shea over at Small Arms Review pointed [...]

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Combat Application Tourniquet [C.A.T.] – Product Review

Fortress Product Review:   Combat Application Tourniquet [C.A.T.] Originally published January 2012 Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and it’s expected that the reader will seek out further information from certified medical personnel before considering any of the following . Frank is not a physician…in fact, he's pretty sure his CPR card has expired. [...]

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Choosing a Handgun for Defense

[This report was originally published in the Fortress newsletter in late 2013] We are often asked by clients what handgun should be bought for personal protection. This can't be properly answered without investigating further into the person's lifestyle, gender, body type, hand size, budget, etc., but generally we try to point people in the direction of [...]

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Hoffner Knives at SHOT 2015

Having used a number of his holsters over the years it was a great honor to finally meet Brian Hoffner at this years SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV! Brian is a 33-year veteran of the Huston PD with a vast amount of experience as a fighter and teacher. His products are designed for the realities [...]

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Woman Kidnapped at ATM   Fortress Instructor Chuck Skaggs brings this to out attention - we're glad she escaped, but it could have ended much worse. Read full article here Staff Instructor Rick Colliver comments: 1) Pull up close enough to the ATM that a human can't squeeze between the machine and your window. 2) If [...]

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Leah Mattix at Shot 2015

Shot Show 2015 Frank with Leah Mattix (center) of the Unicorn Leah Youtube channel. Leah is an old friend who once was our supplier of airsoft gear for force-on-force training. She's moved from that job to hosting her Youtube channel and traveling the country promoting the airsoft sport. Along the way she decided to [...]

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Are You Listening?

Two weeks ago, a mile from where I grew up, an 85-year-old man was brutally murdered in his home. Rumor has it he was beaten and strangled; the official cause of death has yet to be announced. Signs are the bedroom was ransacked in what appears to be a burglary/murder. Time will tell. A few [...]

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