‘Now the best means for rendering an assailant powerless are a good weapon and the ability to use it. The first can be obtained at any gunshop, the last can be had only by careful study and practice.’ – Page 4, The Pistol as a Weapon of Defense in the House and On the Road.  1875

It is often parroted
by police spokespersons and media pundits that when confronted by an armed mugger simply comply and all be “ok.” We’re told “They just want your money – give it to them – Don’t fight, you’ll just make things worse!

My attitude is the polar opposite.

When an armed assailant confronts me and threatens my life, they are indicating perfect willingness to murder me – so, I take them at their word. After all, they’ve never lied to me before.

But, Frank – If you believe that, why wouldn’t you believe they are going to leave you alone once they have your wallet?” The answer is simple, I don’t operate on “belief”, I go with what I know. In this scenario this is what I know:

– Assailant is armed (or appears to be.)
– Assailant has indicated willingness (through actions or words) to murder.
– Assailant is forcing me to comply with a contract – he is forcing me to sign on the dotted line. The terms of the contract are: ‘Give me “x” and I won’t hurt you.’ But, the contract is nefarious and based in falsehood – the falsehood is that the party of the first part has the right to force the party of the second part into the contract at all! The assailant’s implementing force indicates that any promises they agree to are suspect. The contract is invalid as I was not free to agree; I’m being coerced under undue influence. The contract is a fraud – a LIE! The only truth present is their violent intent, and it’s all I can count on.

From point of threat I make every decision based on the premise that they are going to murder me. Action may be taken immediately, or at an appropriate window during mock compliance, but I will not just go along with it and “hope for the best.” And at no point will I allow myself to be peacefully transferred to a secondary location, as doing so is most certainly aiding in my own execution.

Are there situations that could offer no window? Of course – There’s an exception present in most every subject. But I will not use the exceptions as an excuse for inaction or lack of preparation.

No, the fight is on …and I may die – but, I’m dead anyway.

“How is a sincere criminal, trying hard, going to get ahead in his profession if his victim fails to cooperate?” – Robert Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls