Today our nation lost another 3 peace officers at the hands of an assassin. 3 Baton Rouge officers are dead, and another 3 are wounded, one of them in critical condition.

Details are sketchy, but with the recent officer involved shooting in Baton Rouge, my money is on the murderer being motivated by the lies and half-truths Black Lives Matter has been spreading for the past two years – aided, of course, by a press and presidential administration hell bent on fanning the flames at every turn.

My contacts in law enforcement and military channels are all on edge. A couple of comments of theirs I will share:

“I haven’t been this hyper-sensitive/alert since I was a rookie” – 30-year veteran of a metro county sheriff’s department.

“I’ve been all over the world in some of the worst sh*t-hole nations on the planet. I’ve seen collapses happen before my eyes…and this is how they start.” –  8-year military veteran, police instructor

“I’m 78. I lived through the 60’s, and none of us were as nervous about the state of the nation as we are now.” – Retired Detective, major metropolitan city

Personally, I’ve never had such a bleak and dire sense in the pit of my stomach. Every time criminals and terrorists have success, the President of this nation somehow finds a way to suggest it is the fault of police officers, or gun owners. In his brief statement this afternoon, he managed to take a shot at Trump without saying his name. He refuses to address these issues in any truthful way, and instead opts for political grandstanding. It serves as subtle encouragement. He is an absolute failure as a president, and in my opinion, as a human being.

I gave up on predicting the future, but I can tell all of you this: I’m planning for the worst, with the desperate hope that I’m 100% wrong.

For you, I can only make suggestions. You’re all adults, responsible for your own lives, so take it for what it’s worth.

– CARRY YOUR GUN! No excuses! …you don’t need to go to that professional sporting event or concert that bad. Your life and your nation are worth more than an evening’s entertainment in a “gun free” zone.

Carry your gun, carry two, carry multiple reloads, and have a long gun in your vehicle. …and when was the last time you confirmed the zero of your rifle?

Remember, even when police are the target, bullets that miss eventually stop in SOMETHING. Don’t be one of those idiots live streaming for Facebook. Help, find cover, or get out!

– Keep a three-day “go bag” in your vehicle. Food, water, first aid, flashlight, batteries, rain gear, gloves, toiletries, water filtration, etc…

There are a number of small, hand-held portable power packs available that will offer multiple recharges of cell phones and laptops – some will even jump start your car. Worth considering.

– Carry an Israeli Battle Dressing with you everywhere you go. As well as blades and flashlights.

– Your vehicle needs a tool kit, jumper cables, pry bay, tow strap, flash light, duct tape and plastic for window repair and makeshift shelter, gloves, blankets, and a major medical kit that can treat multiple people for serious wounds. Extra food and water. Hard copy maps. Spare footwear. Have a seat belt cutter and window breaking tool handy by the driver’s seat.

Check your oil and spare tire. Make sure maintenance is up-to-date. NEVER let your gas tank get below half.

– Your home needs at least two weeks of food on hand – two months is better. Water storage. Large medical kit, spare medications, auxiliary lighting, battery back-ups for phones and computers. Security locks and doors, as well as windows and sliding door security. Multiple fire extinguishers. If you can safely do so, fuel storage for your vehicles.

– Know where your family members are at all times. Pre-plan meeting places in the event you’re unable to return home. Make plans for secondary places to stay in the event of unrest/fire/road blocks in your neighborhood.

– Calmly engage any police officer you see in public who is not in the middle of police business. Tell them thank you, and ask if there is anything you can do for them. Get to know your local officers, and inform them you’re on their side.

– Train.


It’s an election year – there will be no end to this anytime soon. And expect those in charge to continue to disappoint.

We’re all on our own.

Don’t go to stupid places, with stupid people, and do stupid things – John Farnam