Precaution is better than cure. ~Edward Coke

A student contacted us today regarding an IBD (Israeli Battle Dressing) usage during a recent vacation. Apparently he and his wife were enjoying a short trip out-of-town and decided to take a walk to do some sightseeing.His wife, wearing sandals, ended up with a laceration on the sole of her foot from a stray piece of broken glass along the trail. As many know, cuts on feet tend to bleed badly, and this one was no different. However, our student was prepared! As an attendee of our Emergency Treatment of Gunshot Wounds Course he not only had the skills to stop the bleeding, but, per our advice, has made a habit of carrying an IBD on his person at all times. He had the bleeding controlled in under a minute!


IBD application on the injured foot.

Many choose not to carry a gun; a few even choose not to for good reason. But, none of us have an excuse for walking the Earth not knowing how to stop bleeding or carrying a proper tool to do so!


IDB deployed, pressure bar side.


IBD deployed, wound side.

We recommend the Israeli Battle Dressing, or as it’s known in the US, The Emergency Bandage. They come in various sizes – most opt for the 6″ version, but the 4″ will work when storage space on your person is an issue. For those interested in acquiring IBD’s, email or call us and we’ll get you set up. We recommend everyone in your circle, including children, be trained in the use of the IBD. You should also maintain a good supply at home, work, and in your vehicles.


Fortress Staff Instructor and Paramedic, Dave Zielke, and Instructor In Training, Angel Nunez, demonstrate IBD application to a student’s arm.

When you’re ready to obtain training, we offer 2-hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour Wound Treatment classes. Our next publicly offered 8-Hour class will be at the Aurora Sportsman’s Club in Waterman, IL, on Sunday, August 21.

Lastly, all of us need to get serious about our footwear.

If we can’t run in them, we can’t fight in them!

Flip-flops and sandals need to disappear from the serious defender’s wardrobe. We have to be able to move, and we have to be able to do so without becoming a burden on those we are with. Expecting the gun person in your life to not only defend you, but to CARRY YOU, is an epic level of rude!

We live in interesting times – start living like it!

Your body is a big part of your capital: don’t invest it in the “Bank of Careless Habits.” ~State Safety News, September 1916, published by the University of Arizona Bureau of Mines