Change is the only constant in life.Heraclitus

During a conversation today with a rep from a MAJOR US gun manufacturer we were informed that they are planning to increase manufacturing output 300% over the next 6-weeks. Sounds like they’re expecting a mad rush! The days are ticking down towards the November election, and the wise will use the lull to stock up on what they need.

Best case scenario for gun owners is a Trump victory. However, that result will no doubt create a rise in civil unrest, which will, in turn, provoke a run on guns and ammo.

No, a Libertarian win will not be the best outcome for gun owners. Johnson doesn’t own a gun, and his running mate, Bill Weld, was one of the most anti-gun governors to ever hold office. But it’s a moot point since they’re not polling anywhere near high enough to be considered a viable possibility.

A Clinton victory? …use your imagination on how she and her SCOTUS nominees will effect gun sales and availability!

No matter where you stand on the candidates, as a gun owner you need to be proactive. Immediately stock as much ammunition on the shelf as you can reasonably afford.  And if you’ve been putting off the purchase of a back-up gun, or rifles for your children, don’t wait any longer. My prediction is that we’ll start to see sales spikes in September, and by October most of the shelves will be clear.

Regardless of who ends up as president, the economic, political, social, and criminal (both civil and governmental) problems the US faces will not instantly be solved with any wave of an executive magic wand. We live in interesting times, and there’s no relief on the horizon. I hope I’m wrong, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ve never been sorry I had extra ammo or a spare gun. So, I suggest one prioritize spending thus:

1 – Personal carry gun for each able (and potentially able) member of the family.
2 – Personal military pattern rifle for each able (and potentially able) member of the family
3 – Ammunition by the case. There’s no such thing as too much. Consider the minimum amount you’ll need for practice during a 4-year HRC administration, then double it.
4 – A healthy supply of high-performance hollow-point carry ammunition.
5 – Standard capacity magazines. I would suggest a minimum of 10 for each handgun, and 20 for each rifle.

Holsters for each daily carry pistol should be a priority, as well.

Spare parts, sights, slings, flashlights,etc., are important, but should not be purchased until the above list has been satisfied, as they are not items that fall under any present threat of legislation.

Again, don’t max out credit cards or spend money you don’t have. But, understand, the window of time to stock up is closing quickly!

Get what you need NOW, before the panic!

There will always be people who are ahead of the curve, and people who are behind the curve. But knowledge moves the curve.– Bill James